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I am listening to the Bannon/Poso special show. It is the best I’ve heard — like the best Bannon Warroom episode? — even better. I strongly encourage you to listen to it because Steve — using history as the example — is laying out “the Plan.” We are the evangelists who will help our fellow Americans to “get religion” I.e. the truth.

He also explains the dark secret(s) of the JFK assassination. It is everything I already know to be true, having interviewed enough people (including an expert forensic pathologist who testified before the House Cmt on Assassination), and read enough accounts from people who also knew what the real story was and who the players were, and why they did it. It was the Praetorian Guard that surrounded him. And L. Fletcher Prouty spells it all out in his book, which is dog-eared and sticky-tabbed throughout. My late show producer and I spent thousands of hours over the course of our 7-year working friendship both researching AND writing about what we found, reporting it in our separate blogs. People think they have an idea of what happened that day in Dealey Plaza, but this puts the names and the faces to everyone involved in that coup d’etat. And it will humanize it for the normies, who will also learn that this was a marker in our national history that denoted the beginning of our downfall. Excellent interview with Bannon. Try to listen.

“Bannon just started breaking down how JFK was having an affair with a CIA officer’s wife Mary Meyer.  Meyer was murdered while jogging 1 year after JFK’s murder, and a top CIA officer was found in her house confiscating documents.  The murder has never been solved.”  —

“Meyer became part of what became known as Operation Mockingbird (, a CIA program to influence the mass media. According to Deborah Davis, the author of Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and the Washington Post (1979) Meyer was Mockingbird’s “principal operative”. Richard Bissell called Cord Meyer “the creative genius behind covert operations”.

Davis claims that “By the early 1950s, Frank Wisner had implemented his plan and ‘owned’ respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS, and other communications vehicles, plus stringers, four to six hundred in all… Whether the journalists thought of themselves as helpers of the agency or merely as patriots, agreeing to run stories that would benefit their country.””

Also, Bannon just started dropping receipts on the JFK and Nixon ops

“Steve, the first drag queen in the White House was J Edgar Hoover”

Steve: Well I might go to federal prison this year 
Poso: Well you need a guest host…
Steve: Sure, we’ll get Natalie Winters



You won’t want to miss this



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