It’s about East Palestine, Ohio

“Shameful and disgusting what’s going on.” — Pedro Gonzales, associate editor of Chronicles Magazine.

[They] care more about Ukrainians and their kleptocracy than middle Americans in Palestine Ohio

Pedro Gonzalez- It’s shameful and disgusting how these people are being treated in Palestine Ohio

By Radiopatriot

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  1. This is not just a railroad accident. That is the story they want you to believe and they will not investigate . Our supply chains have been disrupted for years now. Fuel is high getting higher and food processing plants are being destroyed. Our water supply is under attack. What do people think that war looks like?

    None of this is happening without our government being involved. When I say government I mean traitors who were placed in office by election fraud. These traitors are part of a foreign cabal and our elections are part of the war being waged against us.

    What can we do? Elect MAGA candidates? I am so tired of all this patriot fluff. This country exists because it is an answer to prayer from Christians. No followers of Muhammad were consulted and nor Jewish entity. All the George Washington, Thomas Jefferson business is just obfuscation. The only religious history I got was about the activities of Jesuits and other Roman Catholics. They had nothing to do with our liberty. They had their chance in Europe and brought in the Dark Age.

    Bible believing Christians founded America not papists and politicians.

  2. While helping other countries,and illegals by the millions, our so called White House refused to help New Palestine. And WTH was that movie about?

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