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Dr. Ronnie

“In 16, [Roger] Ailes called me that Sun before the Tue election & said Murdoch & these guys done the polling. Trump was going to lose as much as 400 electoral votes. They were already accommodating Hillary Clinton, just like how they worked for Biden when they called AZ so early. It’s Murdoch, McConnell & the oligarchs. That’s what Trump is up against.” @SteveBannon

Rupert Murdoch has said that he will not allow Trump to go to the White House. You can see this…you look at East Palestine. It’s 2 o’clock ET, #FoxNews doesn’t cover Trump live when #CNN & #MSNBC does a little. Donald Trump changed the direction of the country by going to East Palestine. Are you kidding me? I’ve had a belly full of it. @SteveBannon

Dr Ryan: Is it election interference when you don’t run a candidate?

SKB: [Trump’s] got to file immediately [at the FEC]. How can a guy announce & this is not some schmendrick, this is a guy that gave you 4 yrs of peace & prosperity. Do you think Putin would be in Ukraine right now if Trump was around? @stevebannon

@stevebannon: “Murdoch should understand something. WE’RE GOING TO BRING THE MURDOCHS TO HEEL. The Murdochs have deemed that Trump’s not going to return as President. Well guess what? We’re going to take that network apart brick by brick & bring the Murdochs to heel & hopefully run him out of the country & back to England or wherever the hell he’s from.”

Dr Ryan: Do you believe there’s a committee of ppl really doing the direction of country?

Bannon: No, no, but there is economic & social forces; it’s a system…We have a system here in the U.S. that the revolutionary generation would spit on the floor about. We’ve allowed 1% of the population control 90% of the assets. That’s what Trump’s up against. That’s what MAGA’s up against. That’s what the American ppl are up against.

One last thing I want to say about Murdoch. Rudy, on those depositions in Dominion (he’s supposed to be a genius) if you read his deposition, he makes Biden look like the debate captain at the Oxford Union. I doubt strongly that they’ll ever go to trial on this bc Murdoch’s so hapless.

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