On the matter of Tucker and the vids…

“I’m convinced after watching Tucker tonight that this is well planned groundwork being laid. He very specifically named who is outraged & “not calm” about this…..he named the liars.

Next comes WHY they lied. Who/What they’re covering for….” – Karma Patriot

“Disappointed in seeing Grassley & Kennedy on here. His focus was Schumer, Liz, Tillis, McConnell & Romney. I’m a huge Grassley fan….gotta think there’s a strategy here. Remaining neutral for a purpose. (This is me searching for hopium)” – Karma Patriot

(Me too)

“Don’t worry about it, fren. It’s sometimes good to land a big punch, then a few jabs before landing an uppercut. Tucker may be doing that. He can eat a few punches until the opportunity for the uppercut presents itself.” – Just Human

“Trump and his team’s massive goal when he came down the golden escalator back in 2015 was far larger in scope than many people can grasp. 

They faced the task of not only getting control of the US back from this Shadow Cabal, but exposing it and wresting control of other countries out of it’s grasp.

This is a worldwide fight. There’s a lot going on places we never see, all across this earth. It’s not just the US hanging in the balance.” – BrianCates https://truthsocial.com/users/BrianCates/statuses/109990969427037979

By Radiopatriot

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