The Oklahoma City Bombing

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What really happened in the Oklahoma City Bombing?

The False Flag of OKC to cover up Clinton Corruption

NOTE: I vividly remember this bombing event because I was hosting my talk radio show on Sunday nights on WDBO – Orlando when I interviewed Jayna Davis, Award-winning television reporter about what she knew of the Murrah Federal Building bombing. Her book THE THIRD TERRORIST had just been published and twice joined me on my program to discuss her efforts to get Congress to investigate what her investigative research had uncovered. Her attempts went ignored.

Jayna didn’t believe the “official” story about the bombing, the why and who. After writing a 355-page fully footnoted and indexed account of what she saw and learned about that event, she exhausted every effort to get Congress to investigate after Congress ignored her repeated pleas to reopen the investigation.

This evening I’ve come across another report — as told by PunishDem1776. (Grammar, misspellings and punctuation errors are his.)

Oklahoma City What really happened

June 28, 2020


On 9:02 am April 19th 1995, a post-traumatic ex-soldier Timothy McVeigh drove a Ryder truck filled with pesticides and oils into the parking lot under the Alfred P Murrah building and triggered an explosion, taking out the entire north wall of the building, killing 168 people in protest to the government for the Waco “incident”, only to be pulled over by OHP and arrested for a missing license plate. 

The media portrayed McVeigh as a drained soldier from the Gulf, frustrated from not making it into special forces and becoming devastated.


The real story;
What is “Sheepdipped”?
A letter to McVeigh’s sister in 1993, published in NYTimes in 1998 tells a different story. (See pic)

At Fort Bragg, out of a group of 400, 10 SSNs were called out and told to leave formation. Timothy McVeigh was among them. The 10 were said by military intelligence officers to be of “highest quality” to perform gov work on international and domestic fronts, including helping CIA fly drugs into the US to help fund gov operations, and as military consultants (hand in hand) with civilian policy agendas to “Quiet” anyone who was deemed a national security risk (gov paid mercenaries).

L Fletcher Prouty, a USAF colonel (1955-1964), chief of joint operations and chief of staff, explains about “Sheepdipped”. This concept was used in project “Heavygreen” in Vietnam in the 1960s. This process is designed to be hidden from the public. 

The testimony of Terry Nichols (serving 161 consecutive sentences for involvement in the bombing at 80X Florence, a supermax prison in Colorado where he shared cells with Ramzi Yousef and Ted Kaczynski) in 2007. Terry provided a sworn deposition to attorney  Attorney Jesse C Trentadue in Dec of 92, that he was recruited to carry out undercover missions within the CIA. McVeigh told the same story to inmate David Paul Hammer (May 2010 interview). Following the interview with Hammer, McVeigh was placed on lockdown and prevented from contacting his attorneys.

After receiving Nichols’ sworn deposition that McVeigh was an undercover operative, attorney Jesse Trentadue was prevented by a Fed judge from gaining access to depose Nichols. Classified CIA documents have proven that McVeigh was employed by the CIA and ATF as a drug smuggler and assassin for the US government. McVeigh was recruited by CIA/FBI along with the assistance of ATF to recruit those willing to blow up federal buildings and other FFs to further an agenda. 

 To redeem the FBI and ATF involvement in in Waco to the public. In August 1993, director Bill Bean had an encounter with a man known as “Timothy McVeigh” 1 and a half years after his “departure” from service. Why was McVeigh included in explosives training almost 2 years after leaving service? So what other evidence is there that McVeigh was “Sheepdipped” as a black ops operative? Look at Terry Nichols deposition, along with his testimony Nichols reveals a name, Larry Potts (lead FBI at ruby ridge).

 According to Nichols, McVeigh was furious with Potts for changing the script of the bombing. So who is Larry Potts? Larry was one of the fastest rising agents in the 90s, who was also involved in Ruby Ridge and Waco (as a cover-upper). In May of 1995..  Larry was promoted to FBI director shortly after OKC. So did the FBI participate in OKC? Absolutely, 24 eyewitness said that they saw McVeigh on April 19th with someone else in the Ryder truck FBI assistant director Danny Cousin confirms, but he was.. 

 …silenced by the media. Danny started that OKC was the largest manhunt in history for the bureau to find 2 men. After 2 months of intense search for John doe #2 being labeled as “armed and dangerous”, all of a sudden the “media” says he don’t exist and the. search was called off. Before the media cleansing, news channel 4 was quoted as John Doe #2 set off the bomb and not Timothy McVeigh according to surveillance cameras. LA times show documented evidence through surveillance show that 2 individuals involved at 5th and Harvey&5th and Robinson. 

So why did the FBI never produce the surveillance footage in court? Why were 9 cameras removed by the FBI on the day of the bombing? When asked, FBI claimed they cannot locate the footage. So why is the FBI so concerned about  keeping this footage from the public? First, the Ryder truck bomb was NOT the only bomb on site, both 2nd and 3rd explosives (bigger than the truck) were found and diffused. As retired USAF Brigadier Gen Ben Partin noted that the Ryder truck could not cause.. 

.  the damage alone to the Murrah building as described. A blast from the Ryder truck only had enough power to damage surface material but couldn’t cut through the reebar columns throughout the blast radius. Investigations found contact explosives placed directly on the columns. Gen Partins report proves that the Murrah building was not destroyed by 1 truck bomb and that its destruction was caused by planted explosives placed at 4 critical columns to create such damage. 

The FBI stuck with their lone bomber.theory and tailored the evidence to fit the narrative. McVeigh was used by military/FBI under operation PATCON in which Ruby ridge and Waco were PATCON operations. PATCON was an excuse to infiltrate right wing groups, only to be brought down by federal. authorities, McVeigh infiltrated 23 of those groups including Waco. Jane Graham, a survivor of OKC, 2 days prior to the bombing, parked in the basement of the Murrah building and noticed 3 guys in overalls placing putty on 4 columns 

and laying wire between the putty. She pointed out one of those men as Andreas Strassmeir (john doe #2), who fled to Germany immediately following the bombing. 

 The Government claimed to have no foreknowledge of the even, yet 2 USAF Bomb squad operatives were cleared and sent to OKC 2 days prior to the explosion from Kirtland Air force base in New Mexico. They went to a hotel until contacted by the FBI as investigated by Charles Rogers. The executive secretaries office was contacted and informed that the Murrah building had been bombed, however that was 24 mins before the explosion, no action has been taken.

 . After the explosion, one FBI agent admitted that the reason no FBI agents died that day was due because they were all paged and told not to come into work that day.
Dipole Might was a FBI operation to familiarize agents with truck bomb debris patterns and  placement to bring down structures. In 1997 pictures were released of the exact Ryder truck parked at Camp Gruber (explosives training center) facility Oklahoma, the images were taken just 2 weeks before the bombing, National guard confirmed. 

So now the question is why did the bombing happen? Who benefited? Why did the government allow/participate in the events leading up to and including the bombing?
First, PATCON gained its objective to infiltrate and dismember militia groups and using OKC was 

justification through the eyes of the public, and to win over the public support through the failure of Ruby ridge and Waco as the FBI is portrayed as the victim. Second, it reinforced “The omnibus Counter terrorism act of 1995”, a bill introduced by.. core to create the “Patriot act” (911). Third, the bomb destroyed a vast amount of documents related to the investigations into the Clinton administration including; money laundering, extortion, Iran contra, political campaign violations ect. 

 Every single investigation document into the Clinton administration was transferred to the Murrah building 3 weeks prior of the bombing, and also included investigations into the  JFK assassination and investigations into the GHWB administration as well.  Timothy McVeigh was a Patsy for the government to further their agenda and to cover up the crimes of high up political and government figures. This was not just another random act of terror, it was a FF planned by our government against us, we the people.. 

Everything is connected 

Everything you were told is a lie 

Question everything 

May God have no mercy on their souls. 

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. Supposedly, McVeigh has been morphed into FBI agent, Paul Wysopal. If you see a photo of Wysopal, he is the same McVeigh we were all told was executed. All of the “terrorism” is courtesy of your own American government thugs. I am sick and angry when I think of what normal, hard working, believing, Americans have been slandered with. The real killers in the explosion? The contractors were certainly culpable. But the real Killers? Well, the Clinton Crime Family has a long history…….

  2. I felt like I needed a shower after reading this. Thank you, since we will never hear the truth about this otherwise.

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