A conversation “overheard” on Telegram with Joe Lange


“I think many people are focused on what’s happening in this country and not seeing the bigger picture.

There are massive global things that have to happen while Biden is still president.

He won’t be removed in any way until they happen.

This is a global war.”


“I think you are missing something very important.

What Q was describing was the clandestine part of the strategy. Military intelligence has taken control of investigations in the background because it involves treason.

They are doing what I often describe as the invisible hand working in the background.

We can see the effects which is why even Obama judges are suddenly following the letter of the law.

But you are missing the second part of the strategy from the Counterinsurgency guide.

It is very public on purpose and happening in the DOJ and courts.

Watch what Garland is doing, not what he’s saying.

He’s following the rule of law.

If people can’t grasp that Biden is already controlled then they are missing a big part of the puzzle.

If you believe in devolution and COG then you know that Garland is not in control of the DOJ. Trump is.

All of this has to play out publicly for the American people.

Two things happening at once.

Obama DOJ being exposed as completely corrupt while the Biden DOJ is prosecuting the crimes.

All so it is entirely separate from Trump and can’t be seen as just political.

The two tier justice system will be destroyed by the Judicial system that is now following the rule of law and the constitution.

The constitution is what will save us because it is finally being enforced.

Don’t let the slow progress of things fool you into thinking it’s not happening.

Real justice moves slowly, especially against an insurgency that has infiltrated our entire country.”


Question: Joe, in light of your latest post, do you have an opinion on what was the real story with “no name” leaving the planet?


“I think he was put to death.

I think people don’t understand two things. 

This is a real war.

It doesn’t seem like it but it is.

I saw McCain with his foot boot and it was on the wrong foot once.

He voted to save Obamacare and did it defiantly to Trump.

He was dead soon after.


I don’t think so.

He wasn’t just a traitor but a defiant traitor.

Q told us.

What are dog comms?


This Q post was in June 2018 BEFORE the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh who was confirmed in October 2018.

McCain was best friends with Lyndsey Graham who sat on the Judiciary committee and controlled justice confirmations.

McCain, for his defiance in that senate vote on Obamacare in July of 2018 then died in August.

Immediately Lyndsey Graham then defended and was solely responsible for Kavanaugh getting confirmed.

No coincidences.

As I’ve said for a long time, they all know what’s coming and can’t stop it.

We are watching a play.”



“Don’t the Rockefellers also have a hand in the education Colleges as well? If so Just another deep tentacle that needs to be severed completely.”


“Their tentacles control our country and nobody talks about it. They were the most dangerous enemy Trump faced and still does because the American people aren’t awake enough.

Check out this Substack that dropped yesterday on Badlands media.”



I have to tell you, I was worried about how bad things would get too. I see really bad signs of what’s coming and it looks worse than 2008 by far. More like 1929.

But in the digging I’ve been doing for my previous Substack and the one I’m doing now, I see the plan is bigger and more brilliant than I thought.

We are not going to go into a depression or even close to it.

It might seem like it if you listen to the news.

But the plan is bigger than we imagine.

It’s years in the process and it’s all timed.

A controlled demolition with the new system waiting in the background.

I’m not worried about what’s coming.

We are entering a new era of freedom.

It will seem scary but that fear is temporary.

The best is truly left to come.


I think people are leaving out a major piece of the puzzle in this war.

The Rothschilds were not the most dangerous hidden enemy Trump faced.

They were the easy one because nobody trusts the central banks.

The real hidden enemy that was the biggest threat is the Rockefeller’s.

They are woven throughout the fabric of this country, not just the energy industry but the medical industry.

They control it all. Doctors don’t get licensed unless they’ve gone through schools approved by the Rockefeller’s.

They own the media and have demonized natural medicines for generations while promoting their drugs produced from toxic chemicals.

Here’s the problem.

Here’s where the real blame lies.

We the American people trusted the medical system.

We trust our doctors.

This is why Q said you can’t tell people, you have to show them.

This all has to be completely exposed in order to tear down the entire system.

If you just expose parts, then it’s a bandaid and you haven’t fixed anything.

This is a real war.

Unfortunately there are always casualties but the American people would have turned against Trump in the beginning had he come out head on against all of this.

At that time the American people trusted the medical system.

Now they don’t.

That’s how we win this war and bring down the Rockefeller’s


My next Substack will help paint the picture for the collapse coming.

It’s more controlled than I thought it was.

Powell is controlled by Trump.

He keeps raising rates to keep bankrupting banks even though they want the Fed to stop. They’re not going to.

Powell has to sometimes say “what they want to hear” but watch his actions. 

He’s bankrupting them then bailing them out by shoving our fiat dollars into their banks….. right before “the great dollar dump”.

I think you’ll find my latest Substack very interesting.

It’s a controversial article because of the people I write about but people keep asking me how all this change is going to effect them personally and I think people need to think much bigger about what’s coming. There are many more players in this fight on our side than Trump and some of them aren’t as obvious as others.


My mind is a mess. My problem is since I was a little kid I’ve asked questions a lot. I used to lay in bed at night asking God all kinds of questions.

I’m always asking myself questions and it motivates me to go find the answers.

I’ve always been that way.

Now my mind is racing because it won’t stop asking more questions that keep leading me to even more questions. It’s more than a curiosity, I need to know the answers.

So now I’m digging and I’m not a great digger but I think it’s making me better at it.

I’m on information overload and work will be a rest for me today I think cause I don’t have to think to do my job.😁😁

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot

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  1. Out of all the commentators, I like Joe Lange’s commentaries the most. Perhaps because he is one of the few that talks about future economic impacts we will face. Anyway, I’m hoping everything he says is true (which is of course why I like his commentaries the most…).

    In particular, he said “We are not going to go into a depression or even close to it.” This is exactly what I am feeling. I keep hearing about the market crashing and falling into a recession… but I don’t feel it. Sorry if others do, however.

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