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July 23, 2023
Pompeo was put in charge of the CIA to root out the corruption and find out the sources of revenue hidden. Pompeo was the one that went to North Korea and rooted out the CIA control there that freed Kim to come to a peace deal with Trump. Don’t worry. The CIA will no longer exist when this is all done.

The CIA is at the center of all the evil and Al Waleed’s greatest weapon. I’ll prove he controlled it over the next three or four articles.

My whole series on Al Waleed isn’t based on George H.W. Bush’s history. It’s based on Al Waleed’s and Bush sr became his puppet regardless of what he had done in the past. The entire CIA was his puppet.

July 24, 2023
The ball is rolling. CBDC will hasten the transition from fiat money to gold backed currency.

Putin signs law to introduce digital ruble – Insider Paper Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a legislation regarding the implementation of the digital ruble, which will take effect on…

July 25, 2023

July 26, 2023
Easily explained. It’s a global war with many different battlefields. The election system is just one of those battlefields and one that will be easily changed when the time is right. Other, more important things must happen first. Everything is planned and timed. Q told us a million times that this isn’t about another four year election.

The military won’t have to explain anything. You’re not looking at things through a Normies perspective. Everything is about the normies. They don’t know any of this. They are starting to suspect things but have seen no evidence yet. When the evidence is produced in court, it will change everything. All three movies playing at once. Even the child trafficking is now being exposed to the normies. All of it will be revealed and then the military will act, which is why they won’t have to explain anything. The evidence will have been laid out publicly.

Everything is pointing towards the courts being the solution. Even Trump is emphasizing that point. He flipped the courts for this very reason. To re-establish the constitution and rule of law. A huge part of the constitution is the right to vote.

We know that the military is the only one with all the evidence. We also know that Trump has far more evidence than he’s letting on. Kari Lake has been dripping out evidence too that seems to be coming from the military in my opinion. But the overturning will happen in the courts because that has always been part of the counterinsurgency strategy. To restore the peoples faith in their institutions. Rule of law and the judicial branch are leading the way. We’ve literally won more huge court cases in the last three years than probably in my lifetime. It’s not a coincidence.

The judiciary has been transformed. We’re winning every case over the last two years or more. Huge cases too. The military is following the Counterinsurgency strategy which is simultaneously military and civilian operation.

I agree. I think everything Trump is doing is to restore the constitution in order to protect the power of the people hundreds of years from now.

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