Good luck and Godspeed, Grampa

Let’s take it from the top — follow me to the last one posted today.

Have you ever seen the enormity of Trumps motorcade? I’ve never seen an alleged ex-president’s motorcade be so big ..
Just something to digest

Biden is a President .. But he’s ONLY the President of a 61.4 square mile land area .. and the remaining 6.9 square miles is water ..  Washington D.C is a territory and not a state .. and it’s not part of any U.S. state .. It is surrounded by the state of Maryland …
Biden is the President of DC … That’s it .. No more no less
Take that for what it’s worth ..

I don’t control any timelines except my own .. But just from observation and paying attention .. I think the signs of devolution are going to become clearer and clearer to those who look for it ..
That’s just my opinion .. But things are ratchetting up quickly

Remember when I said watch these next 2 weeks ..
We’re almost half way through it .. Was I wrong? 
If you said yes .. You’re going to find out the hard way next week ..
Wait for it

You never cease to amaze me  Thank you is not enough .. I’m speeechless .. Your support overwhelms me …
I love you

Well I’m bored now .. I could go down to the studio and jam for a while … but I can do that whenever I want .. or stay here and chit chat 
It’s on you

I have a empty 10 thousand square foot building .. I emptied it for a specific reason ..
Can you guess why? This should be good …….

I have a complete sound system that is comparable to KISS .. Very Very LOUD
It fills a bus …
Think about that

My Mom told me when I first picked up a guitar .. “If you let this go to your head it’ll kill you”
And I’ve seen a lot of friends throughout the years die ..
I’ve always stayed true to myself .. I can’t say I never dabbled in drugs and alcohol because I did ..
But when I started seeing friends dropping dead from OD’ing I quit cold turkey
Be true to yourself friends Don’t let the game of life beat you
My advice will pay off for you in the end

Janis Joplin gave me this face mask thing … I can’t really describe it .. Best I can say is it just covers the eyes .. hard to explaine .. anyhow when I was going through the building stuff I saw the chest it was in … As soon as I get to it I’ll show you  This is just a google image search of what I’m talking about … But mine is better .. I’ll show you as soon as I can get at it .. That particular chest may or may not be on the bottom of a stack .. Something tells me it is

The Don Killumaniti Search it … then listen closely Expect reopening of investigations of its artist soon  You’ll see

What happened to Kobi?
Same as Tupac

Mike Tyson Knows … ask him

Charlie Danials came to my home and played  (*solo*) Long Haired Country Boy … before it was released ..  I have the only studio recording of the whole evening … open mic conversations and all .. 
He wanted to know what I thought about it  Charlie was a dear friend of mine 
His passing shocked me …

Are you still with me … I’m up for a bit .. I’m expecting a video call at 3am my time 
I’m just waiting ..

Want to know how I do it?
Just stay true to yourself .. Believe in your cause .. and just don’t ever give up ..
It’s that simple

Tell me … How do YOU stay true to yourself .. It’s a simple but yet complex question ..
If you don’t understand my question don’t bother answering … You’ll only end up looking the fool ..

I got George Jones piping through the house ..  Volume level .. WOFB …(Wide Open Full Blast) ..
Because I can

Being true to yourself starts with believing in yourself .. Without self-trust there is no true you .. Don’t project a false façade 
It gets deep … like a rabbit hole
Trust your motives Abort negativity .. Negativity is a confidence killer .. If you think you can .. you will
Absorb this for now More to come later

Dirty Ernie just arrived …  Kirchbaum seems to never leave  Cap’n K has his own key 
We’re waiting on a important video call 8 minutes and counting

The BEST News folks  We’re going to Europe …
I’ll give details when I can .. Thank you for staying up so late with me tonight
Very excited .. HUGE
God Bless my friends

Hey … I just want to tell you one thing ..

Kirchbaum already in my closets finding my best dress clothes … Hate when she does that … I am what I am .. clothing never made me .. My heart made me .. They don’t sell clothing for your heart ..
I get where she’s coming from and I’ll go with it because she’s right … But I am what I am .. she and I agree to disagree all the time

I’m happy … You will be too .. I promise

Oh my .. I’m happy .. Biggest breakthrough 
Here’s what I can tell you  There’s going to be arrests .. I just have to get there ..
You’ll see

I’ve taken down a pedophile ring .. 3 very sick individuals for sure as of now  It’s going to come right back to the USA
It couldn’t have been done it without my team and my persistance .. My influence played a major roll 
Never trust a pedophile .. it’s been a long series of accumulating events wrapped up into a video call  

I’ll be back ASAP …  But I really need to address some pre flight issues ..
I love you all  Thank you for your overwhelming support 
I’ll see you on the flip side 
I Love You God Bless

You may not hear from me for a few days .. perhaps even a week …
I Leave you with this thought 
Don’t let the sun go down on me .. I’ll be back ..
I love you more than you’ll ever understand
Goodbye for now..

I’m Europe bound .. To the skies in Capn’K’s fancy schmancy lear 
I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t already know the outcome
Never good bye .. but we must part ways for a short time ..
I love you .. Keep your eyes on the upcoming week .. Tell Tron (The Great Awakening Show) on Sunday .. Sorry I had to miss it and tell him I said Hey ..
I will return 
Some broken hearts never mend Some memories never end Some tears will never dry My love for you will never die

Until I return I leave you with this:
I love you .. Thank you for your overwhelming support .. Be brave .. Be Bold .. Set your course .. Let no man tell you no .. Fulfill your every dream .. Make it happen .. Your stubbornness is your only obsticle .. 
On the tarmac .. wheels up in 5 Wish me luck

By Radiopatriot

Former Talk Radio Host, TV reporter/anchor, Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. He’s not gonna like bein’ in the District of Criminals … even with Capn’ K. Heard it’s like a sauna there right now and he’s not a spring chicken. He’ll wish he stayed in Minnesota.

  2. For somebody who claims to be so important and informed, his spelling and grammar are atrocious. Not sure what the point of this “Q wannabe” is, but I’m tiring of all his riddles and games. He sure does think he’s important.

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