Trump Indicted on Federal Charges Related to 2020 Election Results Challenge Efforts

Let’s begin with Brian Cate’ commentary:

Brian Cates – Political Columnist & Pundit

All you people don’t understand. 
Goldman literally HAS TO DO THIS. 
He just HAS to. 
He doesn’t have a choice.
He LOOKS incredibly uncomfortable saying this shit because HE **IS** INCREDIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE SAYING THIS SHIT.
But he **led the Trump impeachment over the Ukraine… ‘perfect phone call’. Do you not remember that?

He was the lead lawyer on the House impeachment team and then during the Senate trial. Do you not SEE how HEAVILY INVESTED HE IS in the narrative that the Bidens were innocent in their Ukraine dealings and Trump DESERVED to be impeached for STICKING HIS GODDAMN NOSE in there and trying to find out what the Bidens were up to? And where that missing $10 billion dollars sent to the Privet Bank went?

Goldman is VERY VERY invested in that narrative. That Trump HAD TO BE IMPEACHED for trying to investigate what the Bidens were up to and where that missing $10 billion went. It was IMPERATIVE that Trump be impeached for doing that.

Goldman cannot allow that narrative to be CHALLENGED. He RAN FOR OFFICE and WON A SEAT IN THE HOUSE based on that TERRIFIC JOB HE DID impeaching Trump for ‘inventing a fake Biden scandal in Ukraine’. So understand the man’s total and complete DESPERATION when you criticize him, m’kay?

They’re going to claim Trump tried to ‘overturn’ the 2020 election.  
But this is really to send a message: you  don’t challenge it when we steal an election.  You go quietly into the night.

While I see a lot of people making the very true and excellent point that this indictment is pretty much a rehash of the 2nd Trump indictment where he was acquitted] and the J6 hearings, the key difference is that this case is going to be heard by a jury in Washington DC under a very liberal judge.

Note well the indictment lists 6 supposed ‘co-conspirators’, but NONE of them have been indicted along with Trump. 

They supposedly aided and abetted Trump in committing 4 serious federal felonies in attempting to ‘overturn the 2020 election’…but none of them are being charged?

Wait a minute. 
They’ve been using the talking point for over TWO YEARS at this point that charging Trump with ‘sedition’ and ‘insurrection’ would allow them to have him taken off the ballots in many states in 2024, should he win the nomination. 
And now they don’t even make that charge?

This entire indictment is frickin’ weird. 
They say there’s 6 supposed co-conspirators who aided & abetted Trump’s four ‘serious’ felony crimes. Yet none of them have been charged.
Now their big rollout of the Trump J6 indictment, they’ve left off the TWO BIG CHARGES they’ve been babbling about using to keep him off the ballot in 2024. 
I know what a superseding indictment is.
Are they waiting for the NEXT BIG BIDEN SCANDAL EVIDENCE TO DROP before having Smith make these last 2 charges?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I don’t understand why people don’t see the intentional efforts to steal the election. Just a few of the issues:

    1) The 2000 mules/ppl caught filling boxes over & over again.
    2). Ballot harvesting
    3). Dominion machines – several locations experienced problems being ballots spit out & Dominion advised using sharpies. Had this occurred before?
    4). ItalyGate: Italian server Leonard Spa Co); Maria Zack with Nations in Action discovered several things while she and others worked months to prove. She found the interference and others that were involved.
    5) Mike Lindell presentation. He was on to something but a lot of people wouldn’t give him the right forum.
    6) Tens of thousands of illegitimate votes in Nevada.
    7) Other states reported concerns such as the election workers covering windows so no one could see them while tallying votes.
    8) casting of more than one vote

    I’m sure there are many other problems not listed. Will these be taken care of by November 2020? Doubtful because (a) there has not been agreement tgat there was a real problem. Secondly “they” being DC is so very slow in most areas of disagreement. I don’t think we will vote in 2024. Or if there is an election many will not vote.

  2. Thought; on Dr Gorka’s statement,”Dan Goldman is the new Adam Schiff”.
    Does Goldman also have sexual intercourse with children? KayD

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