Alabama GOP Summer Dinner featuring Trump’s speech in Montgomery, Alabama

Begin watching president Trump’s speech at the 48 minute mark.

“…when you watch this speech, Trump actually makes a remark on knowing where all the dead bodies are found in relation to the deep state!

He actually said that that we know where all the bodies are found! And that we are going to obliterate the deep state when he is back in the office and also that we are not going to allow “them” to steal the election again. 

I do believe that the election of 2020 was allowed to be stolen so that we could get evidence on the criminals in order to prosecute at some point later.”

–Liberty Sunshine

Note this tweet from President Trump on Jan. 4, 2018

By Radiopatriot

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  1. In case you did not see this, have to send this to you…..just listened to LT on ‘and we know’….this is what he ended his amazing video with today….FINALLY the truth about the Spiritual War we’ve been fighting to save our souls and the soul of our Country….I shared the heck out of this…Archbishop Vigiano is a very brave, saintly man…who was in hiding from the powers that be in Rome….he issued this letter 2 days ago….hope you can read it…been having alot of trouble posting all of a sudden?

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