AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers re: Maui Fire

Wendy Rogers posted this:

//From our close retired Air Force friends in Hawaii.//

“We are still trying to come to grips with the devastation.

Biden is going to come to Maui on Monday. The people don’t want him here, because of his answer when asked what he thought about the fires and he said “No, no no comment.”

I’m sure they will gather enough people to make it look good, but that’s not how most feel. In particular, many are questioning his giving each household $700 and then giving billions to Ukraine.

We know it probably started with a downed power line. They got that under control; then the winds picked up again and it was just too much for a small fire department to handle. Why wasn’t the water reservoir released? People had as little as 15 seconds to get out. Can you imagine, 15 seconds!

So many have said the cars on Front Street were exploding like bombs. Were those lithium batteries from electric cars that just got too hot too quickly?

There are still over 1,000 missing. How many are lost from jumping into the ocean just to keep from burning up only to be sweep out to sea? We will never know. 

Wyland who owns the art gallery on Front Street is said to have made the decision to grab his motorcycle in the back of his shop after looking at the stalled traffic on Front Street. He said he could feel the hair on the back of his neck burning. He said he passed an older man on a bicycle pedaling for all he was worth.

Some of my questions are why they closed the only road into and out of Lahaina, why no sirens went off, why they dismissed the kids from school with nowhere to go? How many of them are missing?

Now, two major things are already taking place, the California lawyers who filed claims against PG&E are here and more calamitous, the land grabs have started.

I don’t trust Oprah at all. Within the last two years, she has amassed over 1,000 acres of Maui land. My theory is that she is after the prime land in Lahaina.

I finally read the Governor’s Fifth Proclamation regarding the fires. I don’t like him. He’s way too liberal and out for self-promotion.

Love you guys.”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. ‘Downed power line’ in my ass. Gee, winds picked up … wonder what the weather modification programs had to do with the ‘winds picking up’. That would contribute to the cover-up of what *actually happened*.

    Homes, human and animal bodies and vehicles don’t burn to a state of ash, unrecognizable and unidentifiable by a ‘brush fire’, while the palm trees still sway in the wind.

    Nope. But Directed Energy Weapons can.

    It’s past the point where they think all the stupid humans believe them. They are desperate. Either that or they believe they are getting away with their actions.

    I’d bet my life that the forensics experts are being forced to comply with the cover-up. Just like ALL of the EXPERIENCED CIVIL ENGINEERS who were forced to comply with the Baby Bush administration and the Military Industrial Complex with the traitorous, horrendous crime that was committed on September 11, 2001.

    Will this event cause the solid blue state to change?

    We were warned. More will be thrown at us before the light shines bright on the cabal.

    The light will expose the cabal. They *will* suffer the consequences.


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