ICYMI – Revenge

August 23, 2023

RFK jr
Can you see it? Do you understand the game plan playing out before our eyes?

Who is in [ targeted ] brackets?

Who is the best person to expose and take down the [ CIA ]?

How about the guy who’s dad and uncle were assassinated by them?

Timing of evidence dripping out and news stories criticizing the CIA, just a coincidence?

RFK jr is getting his revenge.

His job seems to be to bring down the CIA in my opinion. It’s going to be destroyed and scattered to the wind.


I feel like there are some deep topics coming, some big habbenings.  Some of them will likely make you angry, sad or frustrated.  That does not have to be.

We all have a choice every moment of every day to be joyous and thankful for the blessings we have, the love we share and the beautiful things in our lives or to let darkness distract us from that joy.

We spend a lot of time focusing on the wrong things at the cost of our happiness.  There is much to be concerned about.  But there is also so much good.  The world is a beautiful place; life is a beautiful thing.

Every second of your life that you give away to darkness is a lost second to feel joy.  You won’t get it back.  The people in this world who seek to destroy your joy are powerless to do so if you live with joyful purpose.  Your mind is your own.  

To ignore our circumstances is to be blissfully ignorant.  Those who are awake don’t have the luxury of ignorance.  Instead, we must have the ability to observe the truth and process it without fear.

This is easy to say.  With the right perspective it can be easy to do. 

The crises of today quickly become boomerangs that return to whack the crud balls in the melon. Hard.  Whatever the worst thing is that you see today is simply the boomerang of tomorrow.  Over and over and over again.

I like to remind myself often that things work out in the most unexpected ways and that giving in to doubt and despair is to cede control of my time and energy to forces that don’t deserve it.  It is to deny that God is in control.

Never give them the satisfaction of taking your joy.  Fight with a smile on your face.

Stay comfy.

Red Pill Pharmacist

By Radiopatriot

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