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WHAT WAS WRITTEN IN THE ENVELOPES AT GEORGE BUSH’S FUNERAL PART II So what happened after members of the Satanic pedophile cabal received and read letters on their chairs at Bush’s funeral that left them all in shock and absolutely terrified? This happened!

President Trump and the First Lady made their grand appearance, and they sat front row next to many of them.

Look at their faces and observe their body language. This is not a group of people mourning the loss of a “friend” and/or a former President. These people are mourning something MUCH greater.

Now observe Trump’s demeanor and body language. What does he do with his hands as soon as he sits down? If you know, you know.

Furthermore, how and why is it that there were so many cameras that got their reaction to them reading the envelopes, zoomed in no less, and it was released to the public? Who is really in control? I don’t have all the answers but I’m confident that the best is yet to come and NOTHING can stop what’s coming.

Jeb’s instant reaction to what Laura showed him makes me think it wasn’t written words but maybe an image. #NCSWIC

IN THAT REPORT ON PAGE 294 IT CITED “HILLARY CLINTON & FOUNDATION” ALONG WITH “CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN”! Please read that again. You can find the full report here:

Now listen closely to what

@realDonaldTrump told

@TuckerCarlson in reference to Horowitz’s report. He said it was a “vicious horror” and a “true report on how bad they are”. Then he goes on to state: “But these people are sick people!”

Where have you heard this before?

Then Trump mentions open borders, and we know Joe Biden aka Pedo Peter is running the largest child sex trafficking operation in the country — via his Homeland Security and HHS with over 85,000 migrant children missing — because brave whistleblowers like

@taraleerodas had the courage to speak up! There’s a reason

@GenFlynn publicly called for #Pizzagate to be reopened and investigated. It’s all about the children and always has been! So if you’re still confused, grab your conspiracy theorist friends because nothing can stop what’s coming!

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Make sure you are looking at page 294 printed at the bottom of the page. Not the page number in the upper lefthand corner because those page numbers don’t match up. Open this and look.

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