Hahaha! Psyops? Ghosts in the Machine at Work! Cardona Playlist

D.O.P.E. Tour…

Do you get it?

I strongly suspect the Ghosts in the Machine have made Sec of Ed Cardona look like the treasonous bastard he is. Just look at the “Playlist” that appeared on his Twitter page. Did Cardona post it???

Good work men and women of U.S. Cyber Force !!!

Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona deleted a tweet Tuesday showing his music playlist for his bus tour after backlash from education advocates, who expressed concerns about the profanity and sexual references in the songs.

Cardona, who is currently on a bus tour visiting schools and students around the country, posted a list of songs by artists like Dr. Dre, Big Pun, Biggie Smalls and Drake that he is listening to while on the road. The tweet was deleted shortly afterward, however, following criticism from education advocates, who were concerned about the songs’ references to “dick,” “motherfuckers,” “hoes” and other sexual references and profanity, according to several tweets. (RELATED: Majority Of Americans Are Not Satisfied With The Quality Of K-12 Education: POLL)

“Are you serious @SecCardona? ‘My my, I’m big huh, I rip my p***k through your hooters I’m sick, you couldn’t measure my d** with six rulers,’” Moms for Liberty, a parental rights group, wrote on Twitter, quoting the song “Still Not A Player” by Big Pun. “Only 1/3 of American public school students are reading on grade level and you are riding around the country promoting profanity.”


Comment from Deacon Dave:

A tidal wave is not coming

These guys are on the desert island now

And they can see it coming

10 tidal waves

Coming from all directions

And they will all hit it once

A few might get on their helicopter and escape, but they will be hunted down

The time is not near

The Time is here

Steve is trying to tell you

If we have to go through hell let’s get through it as quick as possible because hell is coming

Tell me what I’m lying about

Secretary Cardona deletes tweet because of the RAP tracks for his dope tour are very graphic meanwhile children in America can’t read!

Why is he doing this?

Power vectors

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