What to make of this?

Omnibus bill?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. wow. the most powerful statement since DJTs inauguration. He is literally dropping bombs on the cabal, deep state, central bank, Bilderberg Group, Skull & Bones, etc…. too many societies, foundations, corrupt leaders to name.

    The level of confidence in this “statement” is larger than just about anything I’ve ever seen in politics.

    You said Orville Redenbacher made the best popcorn, right?

  2. I think talking AG is a bit of kayfabe for the swamp (as well as lighting a fire under MAGA congress). I believe military tribunals will do the major work, and the AG will be clean up. Additionally, Trump is talking prison, which is not the penalty for treason, so again, clean-up for underlings. He also did not talk election. Many of us don’t think we will get to the 2024 election, but the “diamonds will be returned” prior. Time will tell! NCSWIC

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