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@X (0:00) Besties welcome Elon via Starlink (05:31) Ukraine and Starlink (19:10) green shoots of

@X (22:24) the creator economy and optimizing the

@x experience (26:43) the ADL, free speech, and advocating for peace (32:41) China (37:20) AI (44:30) where are we with self-driving? and MUCH more

We got notes. by @theallinpod

Key Takeaways:

-Activating StarLink in Crimea is a potential major act of war

– Musk compares the request to turn on connectivity in Crimea to a “Pearl Harbor” type attack on Sebastopol, a Russian naval base in Crimea

– Musk is being criticized for voluntarily providing StarLink services

If StarLink had never been offered, there would be no criticism

– Maintaining Twitter isn’t as complex as some think and doesn’t need a big team

– This rapid development has been achieved with about 15% of the original company size

– X aims to provide fair and competitive compensation for all creators (written content, images, videos…)

How to go viral on X?Content that keeps users engaged for a longer time is given higher priority within the algorithm (long-form articles or podcasts)

– Native content posted directly on the platform tends to receive more reach compared to external links

– NARAL initiated a boycott against the platform, leading to a significant drop in US advertising

– The boycott, referred to as a “pause,” had a lasting impact on advertising, especially in the US

– Despite the boycott, third-party analyses showed a decrease in views of hateful content on the platform

The issue with organizations like ADL extends beyond hate speech or anti-Semitism

– China’s military strength has been steadily increasing, while the US’s remains relatively static

– The South China Sea is becoming a potential hotspot for a showdown

– If diplomacy fails, China may resort to force

– One way or another, there will be a resolution to the Taiwan issue, and it is a matter of when, not if

Initially, Musk supported OpenAI’s mission to ensure AI benefits all of humanity but became uncomfortable with the shift towards a closed, for-profit model

– He is wary of excessive power concentration, especially with Microsoft’s deep involvement

– The transition to neural network control is the final step to make FSD safer than human driving

– This transition involves replacing approximately 300,000 lines of C++ code with neural network-based control

Tesla is nearing a point where FSD can operate safely without human intervention, even allowing passengers to sleep in the car

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