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Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Thursday asked to drop the request to pause his Georgia prosecution.

Meadows had previously raised concerns that he could be convicted before it is resolved whether his charges should be moved to federal court. But, a judge earlier on Thursday ruled that he will not go to trial next month with two of his co-defendants.

Meanwhile, Meadows’s appeal in his effort to move his charges was expedited, paving the way for a decision in a matter of weeks.


That’s an L for Fani. She wants to trial all of these defendants together at the same time.

“With indictment looming Hunter Biden probe worth revisiting court transcript July 26 failed plea hearing.”

“The Defendant (Hunter Biden) has admitted that his statement was false, but he wasn’t charged.”

Manager of Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Ring Indicted on Racketeering and Related Charges Along With Two of the Organization’s Enforcers

A 31-count superseding indictment was unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn adding three defendants, Yuan Yuan Chen, also known as “Xiao Pang,” Yichu Chen and Johnnie Kim, as well as 10 additional assaults in-aid-of racketeering to the pending charges against co-defendants Rong Rong Xu, also known as “Eleanor,” Siyang Chen, Siyu Chen, also known as “Ban Ban,” Carlos Cury, also known as “Red,” Bo Jiang, Meizhen Song, also known as “Die Die,” and Jilong Yu.

31 Count superseding RICO indictment unsealed charging over a dozen people with operating a multi state sex trafficking/prostitution ring. 


New Hunter Biden Indictment just dropped.  

2 counts for false statements related to the gun purchase.

1 count for unlawful possession of a firearm.

Back on June 20th of this year, he was hit with just the 1 count of unlawful possession. The false statements charges were not brought. Now we know why CBS’s Herridge highlighted those lines from the plea hearing earlier today.  : )

“The Defendant (Hunter Biden) has admitted that his statement was false, but he wasn’t charged.”

As Herridge highlighted here, Hunter ALREADY admitted to making the false statements. https://t.me/realjust_human/14455

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Techno_Fog, [11 377 views, Sep 14, 2023 at 3:16:44 PM]:

Hunter Biden Indicted for Gun Charges

False statements concerning drug use – as the “investigation” continues

Hunter Biden indicted by Special Counsel Weiss for 3 charges relating to a gun purchase.

Reason for caution, however – do not be surprised if the diversion agreement is enforced and the charges are, effectively, thrown out.


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