Dirty DiFi Dead

Now she faces her Maker.

FOX had a whole film on Feinstein cued up

My file on Dirty DiFi

8. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s resignation from the Senate Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee, which she chaired, amid a conflict of interest due to her husband’s ownership of two major defense contractors. The firms owned by Feinstein’s husband, Richard C. Blum, reportedly were awarded billions of dollars for military construction projects approved by the senator.

Feinstein “regularly took junkets to military bases around the world to inspect construction projects, some of which were contracted to her husband’s companies, Perini Corp. and URS Corp.,” reported Metroactive, an online report from the Silicon Valley.

Feinstein abandoned the Senate committee “as her ethical problems were surfacing in the media, and as it was becoming clear that her subcommittee left grievously wounded veterans to rot while her family was profiting from the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan,” the report said.

In 2005, the Capitol Hill paper Roll Call calculated Feinstein’s wealth at $40 million, up $10 million from just a year earlier. Reports show her family earned between $500,000 and $5 million from capital gains on URS and Perini stock.

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  1. seems convenient timing of her death to clog the news cycle with her “remembrance” instead of the 3 testimonies on the hill that basically confirm Biden committed TREASON.

    next up… you’ll have to wait and see….. holding back (their passing) to clog the news.

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