Trump tried in NY kangaroo court


Former President Trump has arrived at court in Manhattan after departing his Bedminster golf club. He is set to appear in court for the start of his civil fraud trial, according to CNN an the Associated Press.

Trump said Sunday night on his Truth Social that he’d attend the start of the New York attorney general’s case against him to “fight for my name and reputation.”

A judge last week determined Trump had been liable for fraud for inflating the value of some of his properties in order to secure business loans.

This is a bench trial, NOT a jury trial.

En route

Ms Nasty

45 arrives at courthouse

Dan the Man leading the way

Trump’s lawyers speak outside courthouse

The independent on YouTube cut off Trump

War Room is covering Trump and the feed got cut off as well

Caption this

This morning makes it obvious that screw tube is already meddling in the election. #ElectionInterference.

Trump just did his opening statement on this sham for the whole world that is watching

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