Biden trying to force a $100bn package to Ukraine.

Biden Considering Huge $100 Billion Ukraine Spending Package: Telegraph

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MONDAY, OCT 09, 2023 – 01:40 PM

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President Biden is considering asking Congress for a massive $100 billion spending package for the Ukraine war, The Telegraph reported on Saturday.

The idea of the huge spending package would be to fund the proxy war through the 2024 election without having to worry about the growing opposition to the policy in Congress, as the majority of the House and the Senate currently still support arming Ukraine.


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  1. Has anyone seen the requested report of the audit for the insane amount of money given to Zelensky so far from the GAO or IG?

    I’ll take it that’s a “NO”.

    If this incredibly hateful anti-American handout is brought to the table and ANY republicans vote in favor of it– EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. *must be immediately arrested for TREASONOUS CONSPIRACY*. THAT is how this process should work, it’s how it would be done in the private sector. Their crusty asses should sit in jail until they are TRIED.

    That’s how the law works for American citizens, at least *before* the country was changed and ruled by radical Marxist AGs.

    If you or I rob a store and law enforcement showed up and arrested you or me we’d be handcuffed and taken to jail.

    THAT is what should be done to the criminals who vote to carelessly give away OUR money to a foreign criminal tyrant.

    They were elected by US, are paid by US, took an oath to the people to defend the Constitution and as OUR representative conduct government FOR US. If they aren’t doing that — which clearly is the case — and voting to give away OUR MONEY to a foreign crook. All the while most of us are having to deal with paying more for just about everything …

    The problem is blatantly obvious. Our nation is in dire straits and OUR representatives are giving OUR money that should be used here to some shithole corrupt country that no one has a clue WHERE THAT COUNTRY IS.

    Obvious. This situation makes absolutely NO SENSE. For WHAT DEVIOUS REASON are OUR representatives giving OUR money away?

    Don’t have to look too deep. Ocham’s (or Occam’s) Razor. Look it up.

    The whole Congress should be rotting in the District of Criminals Gulag instead of the Patriots who are in there now coming up on THREE YEARS, being physically and mentally abused, deprived of medical care, many with no formal charges and no preliminary hearing — completely deprived of their Constitutional Rights.

    This shit can’t go on. It’s time the whole lot of extremist liberal DemoncRat Communists should be treated the way they’ve been treating true American Patriotic citizens.

    No tears. No mercy. No quarter.


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