Thursday night news bites

Bannon: “The masks are off. Jordan’s staff wasn’t ready. Not hard enough. Not tough enough”

Bannon just said the establishment snatched up Jordan like a hostage-taking

“The recommended way forward will be to invoke the Selective Service Act, as is my authority as president”

“The first to be called will be men and women who’s 20th birthday falls during calendar year 2023”

A sneak preview of things to come… Jack Posobiec

I remember when everyone got mad at me for making that precreation of Biden announcing a draft of 18-22 year olds to support America’s wars on multiple continents   

How’s that prediction looking right now?– Jack Posobiec

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume gushes over Biden’s speech calling for wars on 2 continents

They’re both drips… Britt Hume and Dana Perino

There is another option


On his way to a House GOP Conference meeting today, interim Speaker Patrick McHenry said his “goal is to get Jim Jordan elected speaker” when asked if his own powers would be expanded under a resolution currently being discussed. 

McHenry would not say whether there would be a third vote for Jordan’s speakership bid today, although sources tell CNN Jordan has decided against holding such a vote.


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