Tucker exposes lies about this drug addicted felon

(2:36) “The kind of case that ends careers”

(3:30) Vince Everett Ellison

(9:25) Democrats & Oppression

(11:28) “Burn, Loot, and Murder”

The circus is now in recess.

Shutdown the entire House of Representatives. They cannot be deemed anything but a circus.


Biden hits the beach on vacation as conflicts escalate: Israel preps ground invasion of Gaza as U.S. troops are targeted while Congress remains paralyzed without a House speaker 


Of course they knew it would be nearly impossible for him to be elected, but none of them were scared to put their name behind him for being too far-left or refused to vote for him out of spite. They’re on the same page, Republicans are not.

“This Congress is a joke.” – Tradwife Tina on X

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