It is perplexing.

Marge Large at Spitballers writes:

“I’m perplexed, and not for the first time mind you. These massive “protests” springing up all over the world cannot be organic. I mean these atrocities in the Middle East are bad, but there have been so many WORSE atrocities. How are they mobilizing such massive numbers on command? It was like the riots all over our country. “Saint George Floyd”.

I’m just perplexed and at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorists, how do they “snap their fingers” and massive protests arise out of nowhere.  Programming? Mind control? It’s just not logical. Just like it wasn’t logical the whole world freaked out and complied with the whole jab thing.

I’m perplexed.


“Once Obama comes completely out into the spotlight, more about not only his many treasonous crimes will be revealed but those of the one’s pulling his strings will as well. It’s going to be earth shattering!”

“I have a gut feeling that Barry could be expendable as in being deep 6’d. Could be wrong but that thought just came to me. Let me clarify that by expendable, I see him as a puppet who knows a lot, probably too much and could find himself silenced before he can expose the DS.”

When we’re done he’ll claim Kenyan citizenship as a way to escape.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. There’s no “escape” for BHO…he’s the only US president that NEVER left Washington DC (with his “handler” VJ)…why? Hmmm…

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