NSA Advisor to McCarthy FIRED!

Jeff Clark

Posted by Brian Costello


Breaking News: Allen Souza, National Security Advisor & Counsel to the House Speaker 

@SpeakerMcCarthy, who was thoroughly briefed on the Nunes @HouseIntel probe into Sequoia’s links with China was let go by @SpeakerJohnson.

Yes, the same Sequoia that became a major donor to McCarthy through it’s head partner Doug Leone. This investigation was shut down by McCarthy & @MikeTurnerOH.

It’s time for accountability.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Sure, that traitorous bag-‘o-shit must answer questions, but arrest his lying mouth and put him in prison. They *knew* he was a snake when they voted for him to be the Speaker.

    He can answer the questions at his trial — which will be 100% more of rule of law than what the Soros-backed WIDE LOAD is doing to our President.

    It’s so obvious what they are doing that there should be a hammer and sickle flag in the kangaroo court room, NOT the stars and bars.

    James and Ee-moron don’t have a nickles’ worth of IQ between them. Betcha they *never* considered what the future would hold for them if they eventually lose their case. Their arrogance, smugness and narcissism won’t help their case, either.

    WE know, don’t we.


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