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Armistice Day

Jack Posobiec- the Vatican was waiting for Bishop Strickland to audit his books

Rep Anna Paulina Luna

Erdoğan has called for the rise of the Muslim World

Jack Posobiec- Remember that word- Christendom

Abe Hamadeh

Warpath Coffee

Captain Maureen Bannon

Joe Kent

Bannon Cannon

Captain Sean Parnell

Captain Bannon

Patrick K O’Donnell

The Last 600 Meters

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Every. Single. Emotionally fragile libturd who is connected in any way to “PBS” should be herded into a C130 and dropped into Iran.

    Hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans died or were maimed so that they would be able to have personal rights and freedoms., beside the fact that the wars were created by the elite for personal gains.

    Apparently they ‘feel’ they are above those who sacrificed. As far as I’m concerned they can find out what it takes to survive, which is not likely they would. They certainly don’t deserve to be in the company of American Patriots.


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