Thank you, Dave

One of – if not the sharpest mind – I’ve encountered in my life, I was blessed to know him, work with him, and call him friend. Today I honor his memory with this tribute, remembering the love he had for our country and for those who protect and defend it.

ThirdWaveDave, thank you for your service.

Dave Logan, American Patriot, 1956 – 2012

Dave Logan
American Patriot
1956 – 2012

William David Logan, longtime crusader for the rights of others, died August 7, 2012 in Sacramento, CA. following a lengthy battle with leukemia.

Dave served our country in the U.S. Army at Ft. Ord, CA. While there, he became a proficient sky diver and eventually a jumpmaster with the Ft. Ord Sport Parachute Club in Monterey, CA. Dave made 200 jumps, the highest from 12,500 feet.

Following his military service, Dave remained in California where he made his home in the Folsom area and worked in the gaming industry until 2005. He later produced The Andrea Shea King radio program for five years, from 2007 until his death.

An accomplished writer and astute observer of current events, Dave wrote thousands of opinion posts at his popular website “ThirdWaveDave” beginning in 2005, sharing his perspectives on contemporary culture, patriotism and politics. Staunchly patriotic, Dave regularly and frequently wrote of great Americans and historic American milestones in the belief that knowledge of history was essential to understanding and placing current events in context.

Diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia in 2007, Dave opted to participate in a clinical trial that included a stem cell transplant administered through the Stem Cell Transplant Program at the UC Davis Cancer Center in Sacramento. It was his hope that other leukemia patients might benefit from the knowledge gained from his disease.

Dave was disciplined, cool under pressure, focused, thorough, determined, pragmatic, logical, subtle, quick witted, soft spoken, discreet and analytical. When he played a critical role in bringing forward two successful workplace harassment lawsuits, Dave was described by the plaintiffs’ attorney as “A crusader of those who were preyed upon by employers.”

Dave admired and emulated the courage and determination of such men as Gen. George Patton Jr.and exhibited those qualities throughout his battle with CML. Dave never shirked or folded. He moved forward, never holding ground. In the face of sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds, he persevered without complaint. Dave was defined by his heroes which included America’s astronauts. His fascination with the nation’s space program began as a youngster with NASA’s moon missions, and he treasured the moment he witnessed from the banks of the Indian River in Titusville, Fl, the launch of Apollo 17, America’s final mission to the moon.

A celebration of Dave’s life was held on Veteran’s Day weekend, Nov. 11, 2012, when he was laid to rest during a ceremony on the beach in Cape Canaveral, his ashes scattered where America’s astronauts broke the surly bonds of Earth. A bugler fromĀ Bugles Across America sounded taps, fulfilling Dave’s wishes.

By Radiopatriot

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