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Nice! Lead singer Rocky Ballz (from Philly), guitar player Fingers McGee, bass Strum Kordalot,  and Sheiky Dadrumma. 

The release of Busting Mockingbirds‘ upcoming album:

 WTF happened here! 

1. My girlfriend has prostatitis. 

2. Purple hair  

3. Has anyone seen my penis? 

4. LGBLTOU812. 

5. Basket weaving degree. 

6. Universal incoming. 

7. I think our politicians are lizards.

Well, well well.  This is a fine kettle of rotten fish now, isn’t it?

Alan Dershowitz Makes It Clear Why He’s Never Speaking to Obama Again

Trump Hacks DeSantis’ Bluetooth® Boot Lifter App


Here’s one for you.. imagine the coincidence.

‘It’s almost as if they’re destroying our country intentionally’

Trump used to quite diplomatically accuse the Biden Clown Show as incompetent, but of course he  always knew better. 

For President Trump wasn’t about to drop the full horrifying reality too early on a skeptical World – people would have to see for themselves. 

And now the World has. 

There can be no doubt. 

These villains quite successfully executed a mission to destroy America & way beyond – intentionally. 

A massive attack on our very way of life. Surely one of the worst crimes imaginable and something which deserves a fitting punishment. No wonder they’re afraid. 

Heads will roll & Trump is already sharpening his mighty axe. ⚡️

Trump does Ron in high heels 🤣

Whether you want to blame the US or Ukraine for the Nord Stream bombing, it doesn’t matter.

They are the same entity.

Ukraine is a US proxy. They are heavily funded by and subservient to the US empire.

Anything Ukraine do, the US are responsible for via extension.

I approve this message too.

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