About Horowitz and Ukraine

From the ever knowledgeable and informed and based Karma Patriot at TELEGRAM:

I had this same conversation on Truth today, here are screenshots of my replies.

Someone replied to me asking if they understood my theory correctly— their summary was spot on:

So Zelensky blackmails Congress for war time aid, but promises to launder substantial amounts back. All the while he is working with our alliance tracking every dollar as it gets funneled back. 

The Swamp, blinded by greed, plays along.

Seems like a legit possibility. And very Trump-like.”

And THIS is how The Swamp’s “pay to play” & money laundering scheme has worked for decades….on a NEVER ENDING LOOP.

They line their own pockets with OUR tax dollars in exchange for their CONGRESSIONAL VOTES (aka COOPERATION).



All of the Ukraine Aid is being audited:

“The OIG is currently overseeing bicameral coordinated and individual oversight activities related to Ukraine by a formal oversight partnership”.

Kyle has covered this also…bet you could search in the chat.

( Kyle = Just Human)


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  1. I just can’t buy Zelensky being anything but a lowlife. Anyone who is best friends with Sean Penn is a smarmy punk thug.. IMHO

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