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Nov. 17

I remember when I was constantly complimenting Kyle and Jon because the information they kept digging up was mind blowing and I wasn’t a great digger.

I realize now what changed.

I started digging/ and writing about things that I’m interested in, instead of trying to dig on things that I’m not interested in.

I needed to realize that I’m created and wired a certain way and I need to stay in my lane and let others dig on the things they are interested in and good at.

That’s why I don’t dig on court cases and why I love how good Kyle is at it.

He’s my go to for that topic.

November 17, 2023

This day just keeps getting better!!

Stacey Abrams brother-in-law arrested in Florida for … wait for it … human trafficking. 👀 

(h/t: AngelAura)

🔥 Trump cleared for 2024 ballot, Denver judge rules after eligibility challenge

Rep. James Comer says James Biden’s attorney has signaled he’ll comply with subpoena

By Radiopatriot

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