“…if Pence had got into the car…”

Karma Patriot:

(Yesterday, Nov. 18)

CNN Airs Audio of Trump Telling Reporter Secret Service Wouldn’t Let Him Go to the Capitol on Jan. 6: ‘I Would’ve Been Very Well Received’



Scavino & Trump have been consistently posting about the poll numbers & court cases/audits in these particular states for over a month…..something is coming. 👀



Maybe a FLIP of some sort?!?

Only time will tell— but definitely getting #FutureProvesPast vibes 😉

“No less than 5-10 key Democrats will announce they’re retiring from Congress. Don’t doubt me.”

—Rep Clay Higgins 🇺🇸🦅

A Contingency Exercise by the D.C. Capital Police and Elements of the U.S. Military will be taking place tonight, November 19th at 0400 on the Grounds of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C; during the Exercise the Residents of Neighborhoods near the National Mall should expect to see Emergency and Armored Vehicles in the Street alongside Aircraft Activity by Helicopters.


Love, LOVE Clay Higgins! 🥹🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

He’s trying to tell us… are you listening??? 🥰

Hold on, frens! Glorious days are coming!!!

I made a compilation of clips— & for me, this video makes a few things crystal clear.


PELOSI played a HUGE role in the January 6 INSURRECTION— a plan meant to override the will of THE PEOPLE & make sure that the DEEP STATE’S “REGIME” was successfully installed. 


The DEEP STATE PLAYERS, with the help of MSM, intentionally framed TRUMP [the sitting President of the United States] to take the fall for their COUP.

#TheFutureWillProveThePast 🦅⚖️

I made this compilation of clips— & for me, it makes one point very clear……


I found 6 different clips from 6 different sources, & they all lead to one conclusion— the J6 Committee’s “PRODUCTION TEAM” has some discrepancies that need explaining.

Confirms the following:





What I’d like to know is…..WHY?!?

I’d guess that it is because Pelosi was talking to Pence and he was giving her an update on the situation. She then decided Schumer and Grassley needed to hear what he had to say, so she called them over and had Pence say it all again.

Here’s the longest clip I could find, & it includes (what appears to be) the entire conversation with both Chuck Schumer & Chuck Grassley.

I think what bothers me the most about this, is the fact that the clips that appear to be “edited”, are the very ones labeled as official J6 Committee “EXHIBITS”— the clips that were shown to the ENTIRE WORLD during the nationally televised J6 Committee hearings.

I mean, if they will “doctor” a small, insignificant detail such as this……can you even imagine the much BIGGER & more significant details & evidence they have “doctored”???

Sickening to think about, & should be a very real “wake-up call” for every American.

If these evil people are allowed to stay in power for ANOTHER YEAR— the further damage that they might inflict upon us in an attempt to maintain control is unfathomable!?

Tick tock. 🕰️⏳⚖️

I thought the same last night….but watching the same audio on 22 different clips has changed my mind.

I think it’s edited video/audio for a narrative— though I have no clue the game theory behind Grassley vs no Grassley optics.

I watched about 10 interviews & hearings with Chris Miller, & then same with Pence.

They wanted Trump inaccessible.

They wanted Pence to be removed from the premises bc of “safety issues”, & inaccessible.

Then they wanted the military to come in (which Chris Miller DID NOT allow to happen).

They wanted to make sure there was no chance of reconvening to certify bc of “safety issues”.

That would give them reason to declare a “Constitutional Crisis”, & grant Pelosi authority as Commander in Chief according to Continuity Plan.

Two people stopped them: CHRIS MILLER & MIKE PENCE.

Chris Miller— by refusing to let them authorize the military to move in against civilians.

Pence— by refusing to leave the Capitol.

Nancy lays the groundwork for her J6 PLAN pretty well in this clip……

Just Human jumped into the conversation: “I concur and that is really well put, Karma. They were trying to get the military in so that they could characterize the insurrection against Trump as a military coup BY Trump. They failed.

Yep. Pure EVIL.

And after watching all the videos & interviews, & then reading the memos & emails— all in one afternoon…..it is suddenly so damn OBVIOUS to me!?! I really couldn’t comprehend the “big picture” until today. And it’s infuriating.

But Miller knows.

Trump knows.

Grassley knows.

Pence knows.

So Justice IS coming.

Now listen to Chris Miller in this clip (that we’ve all seen 100x) again, with this theory in mind— GAME CHANGER.

Chris Miller’s words in this memo— so strategic & intentional.

Absolutely brilliant.

Two more short clips that give hints on Pelosi & the Deep State’s “game theory” for J6. Chris Miller also praises Pence’s calmness & level-headed thinking on January 6 repeatedly in interviews.

I think many will owe Pence an apology— decent chance that the truth will reveal that he’s one of the greatest Patriots in the history of this country. 


RED1: POTUS twitter removal

RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US]


RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control.


RED6: SEC OF DEF _instruct1




“RED3: CLAS movement PELOSI or PENCE”—

Pence stuck around & prevented Pelosi from [moving] in as CIC, which would have helped achieve the Deep State’s goal of overthrowing the government on Jan 6.

I think Grassley was possibly our “backup plan”— in case they somehow forced Pence to leave the Capitol, which would remove him from his Constitutional duties.

Remember what Pence told his SS when they attempted to remove him from the Capitol:

“No, if I get in that vehicle, you’ll never see me again”.

Pence knew. Grassley knew.

Trump knew. Pompeo knew. Miller knew.

I actually found a MSM segment (from a liberal perspective) that explains the COUP really well— I’ll post the the clip next……

Watch this…..but flip the “MSM SCRIPT” from TRUMP to PELOSI.


It wasn’t a TRUMP insurrection plan…..it was a DEEP STATE insurrection plan, meant to disrupt Constitutional Order. 

If PENCE had left the Capitol grounds, it would have allowed the COUP to take place. So in order to insure we maintained control of the government, even if Pence was forced by SS to leave, Grassley was prepared as a “backup plan”.

“Occupying the physical space of the building was KEY to repelling the COUP.”

AND imagine that, the secret service communications erased… convenient for them to twist this to their narrative.  Pence’s own security advisor didn’t want him to go with Ornato, that’s huge!

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