George Webb: The Real Sampson Option 

Israel’s Real Quest Was For The BioBomb


NOV 20, 2023

When I first talked to Seymour Hersh in February of 2019, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, I knew he had written the book about the Israeli nuclear program called “The Sampson Option”. 

Fox Commenter Mark Levin recently mentioned Israel might use the “Sampson Option” against Iran. 

I was seeing a very different type of Spy Ring in the US Congress in February of 2017, where are 11 dual Israeli citizens in the US Congress were carrying encrypted, US State Department Blackberrys that we used to conduct negotiations for the Iran nuclear deal. 

Blackberrys had been sensationalized by Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and Huma Abedin with 33,000 Classified emails that went missing, and I had a line on theBlackberry devices that generated them. Sy Hersh listened to my theory of the Israeli spy ring in Congress, embedded to collect bioagents secrets in the Library of Congress, and said, “Write a book. Go on the road, then write a book”. That pretty much ended our conversation. He wasn’t interested in the story.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s aides also carried and configured the stealth Blackberrys, and their companies indicated the Israeli dual citizens in Congress were more interested in a “BioBomb” option with names like NanoSet, BioPham, Animal Pharma, and a Awan Brothers Pharma. I would soon find out this group had a drug lab in Faisalabad, Pakistan, sending Terabytes of information to Pakistan from the Library of Congress where drug patents were being files. 

It looked like the bioweapons of the Pakistan War were being exfiltrated to the Pakistani spy ring, and by extension, to the 11 dual Israeli US citizens including Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 

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Journalist George Webb has followed the trail of bioweapons from the US Congressional spy ring to locations all over the world.

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