Yesterday afternoon I watched Glenn Beck’s TV program on FNC.  I took notes and later shared what he had to say with my listeners on last night’s radio show.

This morning, I tuned in to Glenn’s radio program.  What he told HIS listeners, YOU need to know.  The radicals in the White House and their accomplices are on the move to squelch our right to free speech.  And they’re moving fast.

(Note:  Michelle Malkin today writes about the attack coming from yet another White House front. )

?ui=2&view=att&th=124a6634abe63999&attid=0.1&disp=attd&realattid=ii_124a6634abe63999&zw Glenn Beck:

“We are at a place where it is no longer unreasonable to say we have a White House that is full of revolutionaries, that are advising to fundamentally transforming the system that looks more like Venezuela than anything…

You must decide. do you stand with the revolutionaries of 1776 or the ones of 2009?

They (Obama and his radical revolutionaries) must not succeed, be allowed to transform this country.  They can do many things to us, but we must keep the Constitution alive!  The freedom of man alive!

I have had this feeling for the last month that I’m in ‘closing arguments’, making closing arguments to show you what we’ve found, putting this in front of the American people.

I don’t feel like we need to present more evidence for those jurors with an open mind

There is another phase coming and I know what it is and I’m working as hard as  I can to get it done. But this is not a small task we are faced with.  This is not — this is just not something that people in this country have encountered, and we must make sure we’re right every step of the way.

So I and my staff are working almost 24/7 and I know you are too. But I want you to know there is a plan. It is coming.  Don’t get frustrated!

Use this time to prepare yourself so you don’t panic in an emergency, so you can be someone else’s rock.

You must stop health care and cap and trade so they do not pass!  If you have to be carted out from someone’s office… do not be afraid.  Let them sic dogs on you, open the firehoses on you, but you link arms!  I will give you more as I can, info as I can, but I have to make sure it is all right.

The argument we gave last night (on the TV program) on the taking of freedom of speech/press… well, a blog that came out today in the Washington Post by Robt McChesney that the govt needs to step in (and control the press).  They want to shut us down, but not MSNBC, NBC or Universal.  They want to shut Rupert Murdock down. He owns Fox, the Wall Street Journal.

Who is Robert McChesney,2933,562722,00.html

WaPo opinion piece by McChesney “Yes, journalists deserve subsidies too

Remember! Listen for the word ‘Americorps’ (the “new” journalists) and let that sink in.  Listen from last night’s TV pgm:  a Missouri TV station’s news report of free speech under attack in Misssouri by Obama’s campaign staff two months before the election. Media were threatened with FCC license revokation if they published or aired negative reports/ads about Obama. MO Gov. Roy Blunt was infuriated at Obama’s strong arm intimidation tactics. See Fox News interview here:

(To view last night’s program, visit Glenn Beck Clips at )

“The giant corporations (GE/MSNBC for one) are in bed with the government that can put you in jail. They want the journalists to be paid by the gov and they’re going to be the government watchdogs???

?ui=2&view=att&th=124a666162da7b64&attid=0.1&disp=attd&realattid=ii_124a666162da7b64&zw Lou Dobbs —someone shot at him and his wife at his home three weeks ago — you tell me if Keith Olbermann was shot at, it wouldn’t make the news?  That is a warning to people like me, Rush Limbaugh… that’s the way these people work. These people were the die-hard revolutionaries of the ’60s — radical revolutionaries who were in bed with the Wx Underground, they will not take ‘no’ for an answer.  Prepare yourself. Know what you believe.

When people are hungry and fearful, they’ll follow anyone who says they can lead them out of the mess.  I know there are people in this country who think I am a mad man.  But you’re going to have to make the choice.  Did you ever think three months ago you’d be sitting here thinking the thoughts you have today?

They think that America is at a place where we will accept Marxism and redistribution of wealth, but not so arrogant that they can speak plainly.  They have to cloak it, keep it under the radar, but they’ve done such a good job with the language — social justice = redistribution of wealth.

And the time when we could just be casual observers of what’s going on in our country is over.  Over. Now we have to reach out to each other and say ‘No, we will not be silent’.  If this Lou Dobbs story is what it appears to be on the surface, it is a message from the left.

Are you willing to speak out or will you be silent?”

Tonight’s program on Fox News Channel (5p ET) will feature an hourlong discussion with Lord Christopher Monckton and Amb. John Bolton of the upcoming threat to our freedom and national sovereignty posed by the Climate Change Treaty to take place in Copenhagen next month.

Join me tonight on my radio program where we’ll be talking more about the increasing government control by 60’s radicals over our Constitutional rights, our nation.

And a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who Tweeted, emailed, and wrote about Google’s arbitrary removal without explanation of my blogsite The Radio Patriot. More censorship???


By Radiopatriot

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  1. You don’t know me but I follow you daily since finding your site a few weeks ago.

    I tweeted last nite to warn others who follow me about what “Google” did. I have watched this occur since the primaries to anyone who spoke against Obama.

    My surprise is you say you were on blogspot for 3 yrs, don’t know how you lasted that long.

    I knew to check wordpress since that is where many have gone after being shutdown by Google on blogspot , and luckily found you immediately.

    I have alerted others where to locate you as well.

    Thank you for all you do .


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