Well, I’ve spent the better part of the past three days retrieving posts from the Google cached snapshots of my Blogspot site pages, and have decided that I will let Google do the heavy lifting. If there’s a post from the past that I want to refer to or repost here, I’ll just go grab it from Google’s enormous cache. What the hell… it’ll be there. And if Google ever decides to re-establish my blogsite, I’ll do a final post there directing everyone to this site. And besides, all this messing around with copy and paste transfer from the cache is time better spent posting news here, so with that…

End of story.

Meanwhile, back in my hometown tonight on Halloween…

Salem, MA was completely spooked out for All Hallow’s Eve this year. What with a full moon and thousands upon thousands of costumed revelers who turned out for the fun, freak shows, festivities, and Haunted Happening Ball, they brought the city to life with the night of the living dead – walking skeletons, cadavers, witches, and other-worldy creatures (including Michelle and Barack).

Now I know some of us look upon Halloween as a celebration of the Druids, the underworld, etc. But having grown up in the Witch City, I have to tell you that this event is more fun than Mardi Gras, sans obscenity. I have a cryptfull of fond memories of trick or treat night in the city famous for hanging witches on Gallow’s Hill.

Here’s a photo that absolutely captures the spookiest night of the year in the city founded in 1626, where still can be seen 380-year-old skull-inscribed tombstones guarding sunken graves.


If you’ve never been to Salem, you’re missing a rich piece of colonial history. Only 16 miles north of Boston, as the witch flies…

Credit for the photo below goes to the Salem Evening News. See more here.

Zoom over for a spell. You’ll find it’s a bewitching place.


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