Floyd Brown of Impeach Obama has an interesting message for his subscribers.  Evidently The One is beginning to crack.  The pressure is getting to him.  Read this insider’s view of what’s happening in the White House.

floydbrown Many years ago Lee Atwater suggested I read the National Enquirer. I was surprised that he made tabloids part of this extensive reading regime. At the time he was the most successful political operative in America. He explained his reasoning by saying tabloids helped him understand what the men and women standing in grocery checkout stands were reading and thinking.

Today I still read these publications to keep my own finger on the pulse of America. The tabloids have broken some of the biggest stories in recent history. John Edwards’s mistress and love child and the Monica Lewinsky relationship are just two political scandals they had early. It was the tabloids that gave us the graphic details of the Monica Lewinsky tryst, and explained the significance of stains on the blue dress.

The tabloids are now full of stories about how the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is dealing with the pressures of office. In an exclusive report this week the Globe is reporting on a dramatic White House meltdown by the messiah–in-chief.

Under the headline “Obama Explodes” they report: “First lady Michelle Obama was reduced to tears by an explosive presidential tirade, say political insiders. In a world exclusive, sources tell GLOBE why Barack Obama has gone berserk and rip the lid off the details of his secret meltdown.”

Obama is having trouble with the pressure of the job.

According to the report, Obama has created an enemies list which has FOXNEWS host Glenn Beck on top. This would not be surprising since Beck has done such a wonderful job exposing the radical statements of many of Obama’s socialist pals running the government.

Obama may be going berserk with fury, but he still is a formidable enemy of freedom and liberty.  I carefully read all of the messages sent to the activists that form the backbone of Barack Obama’s army for change. I am able to glean important information that we can use in the battle to defeat his radical agenda for America.

This weekend these activists are celebrating and preparing for the battle ahead. Here is an excerpt from the latest Obama team message:


“One year ago today, we were in the homestretch of the Obama for America campaign. I had been organizing on the ground in Ohio for months, with hundreds of incredible — and exhausted — staff, and thousands and thousands of amazing volunteers.


We were hopeful, but we didn’t take anything for granted. As we watched the victorious results of your hard work come in — state-by-state, county-by-county, precinct-by-precinct — we were completely elated. I’m sure you felt the same way.


But that work wasn’t finished, and it still isn’t. That night, President-Elect Obama told us that the election victory was only the beginning of the change we all sought — and today, through Organizing for America, we’re fighting just as hard to make health insurance reform a reality, this year.”


As you can see from the message, these activists are focused on passing Obamacare. They believe that once their bill is passed, taking over 20 percent of the US economy, then weak willed Republicans won’t repeal it even if they win a majority in the US Congress next year.

It is more important than ever that we continue to focus on defeating this dangerous legislation.

Finally, the highlight of the Sunday news shows was the appearance of Rush Limbaugh on FOXNEWS Sunday with Chris Wallace. If you haven’t watched the video, you are missing a treat. Rush slammed Obama calling him “immature,”  “narcissistic,” and “inexperienced,” and a “radical leader.” Watch it here:

“He’s a child. I think he’s got a five minute career,” Limbaugh surmised.

With impeachment we are hoping it won’t last that long.

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