Up and out early this morning on an overcast day here on the beach, I headed to my local voting place and cast two votes on a sparse ballot – one to retain my mayor, and the other to allow the city to grant tax exemptions to local businesses.

Easy peasy.

Not so in the controversial NY-23 Congressional District race where the Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman is way ahead in the polls, especially after RINO Dede Scozzafava dropped out a mere 72-hours before election day.  Yeah, the RINO who endorsed her Democrat opponent!  The same one that blogger and syndicated columnist Michele Malkin accurately described as “ACORN-Friendly, Big Labor-Backing, Tax-and-Spend Radical in GOP Clothing.”

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re somewhat politically savvy and if not up to date on the race, at least aware of it. So I won’t waste your time or mine giving you the background. What I do want to tell you is what has a lot of us concerned about that race — ballot tampering by Obama’s army of ACORNs and SEIU thugs.

"The National Desk"

Well-known man about town, shameless blogosphere gadfly and political junkie Robert Stacy McCain is biting his nails down to the quick over it. At the American Spectator, his latest post, up this morning his hotel room “national desk” in Watertown, NY.:

Ah, Election Day at last! In 24 hours, you’ll be reading my Wednesday article about what happened in the crucial upstate New York special congressional election.

…What I genuinely dread, however, is the possibility of vote-fraud shenanigans. Last night, I heard Hoffman spokesman Rob Ryan repeat his warnings about the danger of ballot-box mischief. And now ACORN whistleblower Anita Montcrief is worried, too.

God help us. I remember Election Night 2000, when I was on the national desk at The Washington Times. We waited for the results from Florida. And waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, at 3 a.m., editor-in-chief Wes Pruden approved a fourth-edition front page with the headline, “TOO CLOSE TO CALL.”

It stayed too close to call for five weeks.

Could such a thing happen again in NY23? I certainly hope not, but as crazy as this campaign has been — the Republican candidate quitting on the Saturday before Election Day and, on Sunday, endorsing the Democrat — it’s impossible to say it’s impossible.

Intercessory prayer, anyone?

We’re watching this one closely.  Also eyeballing the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial race for possible ballot stuffing shenanigans there too.  Obama and his Chicago-based goons are determined they will NOT lose these, not if Black Panther baton-wielding thugs guarding voting places have anything to do with it.

Anita Moncrief, ACORN whistle-blower who has been on my radio program several times, writes at Hot Air:

Multiple sources on the ground in New York’s 23rd Congressional district confirm that ACORN is expected to be actively protesting the election results in Clinton County, New York tomorrow.

Rob Ryan, spokesman for the Hoffman campaign, states that the legal decision is all about ballot security and that the move by ACORN is not a surprise.

“The Working Family Party is desperate, Today’s poll show that Doug Hoffman is drawing votes from all Demographics”.

While the focus tomorrow will be on securing a win for Hoffman, Ryan says there are still worries about:

“voter intimidation, absentee ballot fraud and groups like ACORN/Working Families Party and big labor stealing the election from the people of the 23rd district.”

As voters prepare to go to the polls tomorrow, some may wonder why all the fuss over NY 23. Partisan politics and party infighting aside, MSNBC reports that :

“The New York governor’s office just released county-by-county data on stimulus spending. (Here, here, and here.) It breaks down where — and on what — money was spent.

A First Read analysis of the data shows that almost $1 billion was allocated to counties in — either wholly or partially — New York’s 23rd congressional district.”

One does not have to wonder what WFP/ACORN’s motivations are. They clearly appear to be related to money and power.

Follow. The. Money.


While we’re pointing our browser at RS McCain, (who I had the pleasure of meeting in D.C. at CPAC last winter and who’s as probably a nice a guy as you’ll meet), read his post giving credit to The New Media, bloggers who are on the scene filing reports about the race, making contacts, developing sources, digging for the facts, and generally leaving the mainstream (aka “fringe”) legacy media in the Plattsburgh dust.  The bloggers he includes in his round-up are folks you should be reading on a regular basis.  They’ll bring you up-to-speed about what’s really happening without getting black ink all over your hands.  And if you’re still habitually compelled to subscribe to your local rag, so be it.  I suppose the crossword puzzles are worth it.  And if you have a bird… you know what else you can do with it.


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