Americans converge on Cannon House Office Building with a message: KILL THE BILL!

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been back home for just 24 hours, following a quick dash from Florida to Washington to rally with fellow patriots at our nation’s Capitol to tell Congress we do NOT want them to pass this socialist Trojan Horse called “health care reform” that’s loaded with chains, ropes, cuffs, locks, and anything else that binds free men down.

I could go into a long litany of why this bill is absolutely toxic — fatal — to our liberty and a huge victory for tyranny, but I’ll save that for others to write.  Heck, I bet as many words have already been written as it would cost us if this malodorous bill passes — trrrrrilllliions.

So I’m monitoring Fox News with probably half of America to watch what’s happening in the House of Representatives where it now appears Nancy the Wicked does not have enough votes to pass the measure.  Folks, the pressure we’re exerting on the House is working.  But we cannot let up.

“Just a Nobody” posted this urgent appeal at Free Republic:

While roaming the grounds of the US Capitol yesterday, Kristinn Taylor obtained a list of possible democrat defectors of the now infamous “Healthcare” bill.

Kristinn was asked to post this list of wobbly democrats on FreeRepublic in an effort to mobilize our forces and overwhelm these members with phone calls and e-mails asking them to vote NO on the socialization of our healthcare.

We also learned that Nancy Pelosi had just scheduled the vote for tomorrow;
Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 6:00 PM.

For all those who were unable to answer the call to surround the Capitol yesterday, here is an opportunity for you to help the cause, while those of us who were there, get some much needed sleep.

The message is short and to the point: KILL THE BILL!

Marion Berry, AR (202) 225-4076

Ross, AR (202) 225-3772

Snyder, AR (202) 225-2506

Salazar, CO (202) 225-4761

Boyd, FL (202) 225-5235

Kosmas, FL (202) 225-2706

Costello, IL (202) 225-5661

Halvorson, IL (202) 225-3635

Foster, IL (202) 225-2976

Ellsworth, IN (202) 225-4636

Hill, IN (202) 225-5315

Moore, KS (202) 225-2865

Chandler, KY (202) 225-4706

Kratovil, MD (202) 225-5311

Markey, MA (202) 225-2836

Peters, MI (202) 225-5802

Schauer, MI (202) 225-6276

Stupak, MI (202) 225-4735

Skelton, MO (202) 225-2876

Titus, NV (202) 225-3252

Teague, NM (202) 225-2365

McMahon, NY (202) 225-3371

Murphy, NY (202) 225-5614

Kissell, NC (202) 225-3715

McIntyer, NC (202) 225-2731

Pomeroy, ND (202) 225-2611

Dahlkemper, PA (202) 225-5406

Kanjorski, PA (202) 225-6511

Herseth-Sandlin, SD (202) 225-2801

Gordon, TN (202) 225-4231

Boucher, VA (202) 225-3861

Baird, WA (202) 225-3536

PLEASE pick up your phone and start dialing.  You’ll feel so much better once you have.

I’ll be posting more as the day goes on, so please check back frequently.  Got lots of great pictures of even greater fellow Americans I want you to see.  God love ’em all.  God bless them.  God bless America.  Please.

By Radiopatriot

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