Tea Party Express Grand Finale in Orlando, FL

Just got in from the Tea Party Express’ National Tour Grand Finale at the Disney Amphitheater on Lake Eola in the heart of beautiful downtown Orlando.  What a wonderful evening!  Some 5,000 patriots came out to welcome the Tea Party crew and show their support for our Constitution, and the battle to recapture our country from the hands of tyranny.

Some quick observations and comments while I wait for friends to email me some pics…

Amy Kremer who was integral in the formation of the Tea Party Express and I chatted for a few.  She’s a delightful woman who speaks from the heart and will be glad to get home to Atlanta after the three-week national tour.

Deborah Johns and Mark Williams are the consummate co-chairs and hosts of the Tea Party Express, who worked hard to keep tonight’s event on time and moving at a lively clip.

Lloyd Marcus (see singing in photo above) never looked or sang better, despite the 20-day coast to coast bus tour that took the Express from San Diego to Orlando and 36 rallies in between.

Robert Stacy McCain was there covering the event and snapping photos till his batteries ran dry.  Fortunately Stacy didn’t.  He’ll know what I mean.

Diana Nagy is just a sweet and kind as she is patriotic and talented.  Her songs brought the rally to life with a sea of red, white, and blue flags waving in the air.

Met Jim Robinson, founder of Free, and it was a pleasure to make his acquaintance and have the opportunity to thank him for the valuable benefit Free Republic has added to the public discourse.

Speaking of air, a blinking sign aircraft flew overhead the entire time, with lighted messages beneath its wings, welcoming the Tea Party Express to Florida, reminding viewers that we will take back Congress in 2010, and warning Washington to obey the Constitution.

I am honored and humbled to have been included in the program, and spoke from the stage about how important the Tea Parties are.  It was pure joy for me to see thousands of faces of kindred patriots who braved the chilly northwest wind and sinking temperatures that brought in Central Florida’s first cold front of the season.

I’ll have lots more to tell tomorrow when I get the photos.

By Radiopatriot

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