Pamela Geller asks “Who is this guy?”

Others are asking the same question.

An active military man says,

“The request for reinforcements made it up the line THREE months ago…

Beginning with August…  there have been 236 Coalition fatalities in Afghanistan since the request for reinforcements.  From the moment Obama gives a “Go” for reinforcements, if he does, it’ll still take a few months to spin them up and get them there.  30-40,000 troops don’t just show up overnight.  So, how many more will end up eternally waiting for Obama’s decision?

Wonder what he’d say to this mother?”

Dr. Melissa Clouthier offers this theory:

“… why does President Obama protect the family jewels (symbolically) by interlacing his fingers in front of his crotch when the National Anthem plays?

Does the President feel threatened and therefore feels the need to be self-protective during the National Anthem? Is he just bored and trying to figure out what to do with his hands–anything, but show devotion to his country?

It seems to me that President Obama is not comfortable around any patriotic displays. In fact, it seems that any shows of patriotism make him feel defensive. He seems to want to protect himself from the assault.

She might be on to something.

My take? You remember how Obama slyly gave the middle finger to Hillary and McCain during the campaign debates?  Yeah.  Exactly.

“I got your salute, right here…”

By Radiopatriot

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