Over at American Spectator, Robert Stacy McCain is using my name in vain.

Tea Party Nation

By on 11.13.09 @ 6:08AM

ORLANDO, Fla. — Andrea Shea King stood backstage during Thursday night’s Tea Party rally at Lake Eola Park here, where thousands turned out on a cool, overcast evening to raise their voices for liberty.

“You should have been here in March,” said King, who spoke at one of the earliest rallies in what has since become a nationwide phenomenon. “It was mobbed — and the media barely paid attention.”

The media are paying attention now. They have no choice. Over the past nine months, hundreds of thousands of citizens have answered the Tea Party movement’s call to direct involvement in politics. Their activism has ignited the spark that now threatens to incinerate the agenda of Hope and Change that once seemed impervious to conservative opposition.

Aw, heck. We’ll let him. Too late now. Already in print. But note the comment by Barbara Espinosa about our blogging bon vivant that absolutely nails it:

What “The Other McCain” didn’t tell you was that he was treated like Royalty backstage at the Tea Party from staffers to Speakers and Organizers of the Tea Party .

The grand old guru of the blogs was sought out by Tea Party participants to be phographed with and interviewed by him.

You would’a thought the highest muckey-muck had arrived to bestow geni wishes on everyone.

It was a sight to behold to watch him flutter from one interview to another greeting the females with charm and hugs.

He was so – so greeting the fella’s ,but they were all glad to see him and posed ,joked and talked about the last time they had seen him. All said ya’ll come back now ye hear.

I’m sure there’ll be photos — Stacy took a bunch of them himself. No, not of himself… well, actually he did.  As soon as he emails them to me (hint), I’ll post. No matter how bad they make me look, it couldn’t possibly be worse than this:

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. “The Other McCain” was thrilled to see his favorite buds and hit the road last night after giving me a few lessons. It was very nice to meet you, Stacy had been looking for you at the rally kept muttering I know she’ll be here and I had to keep reminding him I couldn’t help look that I hadn’t met you yet.. Great to know they are other grandma’s out there that have taken to the keyboard in protest. Your dress was perfect, don’t sweat the small stuff.

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