On several occasions we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing retired Lt. Col. Robert “BuzzPattersonBuzz was a  military aide to President Clinton, in close proximity to the President around the clock. He wrote about his experience in his best- selling book Dereliction of Duty – The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America’s National Security.

Col. Patterson also was an advisor on the controversial ABC Special “The Path to 9/11” , assuring writer Cyrus Nowrasteh the script was accurate as he remembered the events. Nowrasteh came to him in frustration after network executives, under a heavy barrage of criticism from former administration officials, began pressing for changes to the script.

While serving as an Air Force officer in the Clinton White House from 1996 to 1998 and for two years, Buzz was responsible for the president’s “emergency satchel,” the black bag of nuclear codes that accompanies the president at all times.

And in an interview last April,  Patterson said it was almost certain that the “highest levels” of the Obama administration knew about and approved the stunt in which Air Force One buzzed New York City, that the low-flying escapade over Manhattan clearly was not an oversight.

“I can’t imagine that anyone who works in the Air Force thought that was a good idea. I have worked in the White House and having worked for the Military Office, with the guys at Andrews Air Force Base and the ground crews, that (decision) had to come down from on high.”

Buzz wrote “Reckless Disregard” and “Dereliction of Duty” after his retirement from the military. His most recent book “War Crimes, The Left’s Campaign to Destroy our Military and Lose the War on Terror” , a particularly timely piece.

Patterson rejoins us tonight on “The Andrea Shea King Show”  at 9 pm ET.  You’re invited!

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