The Bookworm has some thoughts on the reality of Obama.  Inspired by a piece she read earlier, she pens this… well worth your read.

I don’t think Obama is smart at all.  I think his reputation for smarts is one of the great cons foisted on the American people, greater even than the con that Gore and Kerry, both of whom were undistinguished college students, as their transcripts show, were smarter than Bush, whose transcripts reveal him to  be a slightly better student than those two “men of genius.”

We have absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Obama is smart.  To begin with, we have no evidence at all of his academic abilities.  (And I will concede that, while academic smarts don’t demonstrate functional intelligence, they are still a good yardstick of a brain that operates at a fairly high level.)  We do not know how he did in Indonesia, his high school years are a blur, we do not know what happened during his stint at Occidental, we know nothing about his Columbia years, and the only thing we know about his Harvard years is that he made Law Review.

The entire piece can be found here.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Dear Andrea-I was born in Chicago, but grew up in the suburbs (Dupage County)
    If Obama is a graduate of anything he is a graduate of that cesspool of corruption Southside of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Obama is functionally illiterate, proof is when his teleprompter blows, he cannot function on any kind of level, much video proof on the internet of how quickly he gets lost without the teleprompter.
    After 20 years of the slum lords Obama, Jarrett who helped themselves to taxpaper money, federal, state and local. He/she are liars, cheats sneaks and thieves.

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