Fair and Balanced.  How about trying Fair and Honest for a change?  Or Fair and Unafraid.  Or just plain doing your frikkin job as a news operation?

It’s what I’ve been sayin’…

Only this time, Mike “gamecock” DeVine over at Red State put it in writing, saving me the trouble.  Look here…

Chris Wallace & Bill Clinton and Major Garrett/Bill O’Reilly & Obama ‘08

Enter Fox News, fair and balanced. Guess they never heard the saying that the “Fair” only comes in October. Instead, Fox seems to accept the definition of “fair” as meaning accepting all arguments of the New York Times and the Democratic Party as legitimate and worthy of equal time.

Balance? I’m still looking for that too. Remember all the anticipation of the Chris Wallace interview of Bill Clinton? Yes, Chris got under Bill’s skin with a vague 911 question, that the walking Picture of Dorian Gray used to jab knees and make a scene. The question wasn’t tough.

Bill is “smart” to know that since he waited so long for an interview with a supposed non-sycophant, that the questions would mainly be vacuous “what do you think of” current events questions, rather than questions about pre-911 IRS records of political opponents; missile technology to China or his 2003 praise of Iran’s “democratic” political system. Luckily, the former president recently volunteered some “admissions” that we will cover in a story tomorrow, but I digress.

Remember the anticipation of Obama’s debut on The Factor? I do. It was dud as bad as when Jesse Jackson finally came in after years of being called a shake down artist by cable news’ ratings leader. You see, if you come on O’Reilly’s show, you have proven you are a “stand-up” guy and get treated with kid gloves.

Same was true for Major Garrett’s assignment to cover Obama’s “historic campaign”. The only people on FNC that covered the NEWS that really mattered before the Dem Party foisted Little Lord Obamalroy on America were Sean Hannity and pre-interview O’Reilly. Major asked horse-race questions that bored me to sleep.

Tonight, expect the same as Obama pulls a Clinton with a ten-minute pre-Christmas gift spot for Fox, in a setting that will compel the small minds of fair and balanced to ask some stale question about China and the dollar.

You see, it would be “unfair and unbalanced” to remind Obama of his policy dump the Saturday night after Joe Wilson called him a liar about citizenship verification requirements for health care, when Obama issued a statement demanding that the very verifications he lied and said were already in the bill, be put in.

Just wouldn’t be cool, especially of you want another 10 minutes with the Messiah before the next Summer Olympics if you were to ask him about the COBRA-hole in the safety net; pitchfork threats against bank CEOs; or golfing while Americas die in Afghanistan waiting for him to appease Move

God help them if they ask him what Rev. Wright thought about Gates-gate; New Black panther thugs getting charges dropped; his lawyer-client years with ACORN or the name listed as “father” on his original birth certificate.

So after all the Fox News potentates from the VP of News all the way down to the shoe shine boy held umpteen meetings to debate, deliberate, nail bite, and fine tune the questions he’d pose to the poseur in chief, Major Garrett set out to drill the dodo whose been dissing Fox for 10 months. Except he didn’t. Three minutes into it, I’m gagging.  The big “get” is anything but.  A big f***ing deal.  Color me so unimpressed.

Oh, hey, if you liked what “gamecock” wrote, and I think you will cause he tells it like it is over there at Fair and Balanced Land, there’s more there there.

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