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ACORN Scandal, Part 2: The Evidentiary Phase

by Andrew Breitbart

The last two months of the growing ACORN scandal have focused on the damning videos shot by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.

In seven out of eight offices, ACORN employees attempted to aid and abet O’Keefe and Giles’ illicit “scheme” to establish a brothel for underage illegal-immigrant prostitutes from Central America. .

That phase has been tabled for a future date, as I forthrightly stated last Thursday evening to Attorney General Eric Holder on FOX NEWS’ Hannity show.

[ … ]

Last night, Breitbart hosted a three-hour show on KFI 640 AM, the largest radio  station in the country, and “used the opportunity to announce the  existence of 20,000 deeply sensitive and highly political documents  discovered in the dumpster behind ACORN in San Diego on October 9,  nine days after ACORN was announced to be under state investigation.

Some might call that “obstruction of justice.”

Listen to the entire interview with the private investigator who filled his Suburban with the documents in the following audio. It is explosive radio that hopefully shows the proper authorities that ACORN is making a mockery of this country’s laws and judicial process.”

Lord, this man gives me a tingle up my leg…  😉

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