Glenn Beck has become a force of nature. One that has the White House Obamabots wee-weeing down their pants legs, and reducing Mark Levin to hissy fits.

What is it with Levin, anyway?  I like his radio program, but his constant putdowns of other talkers is unbecoming and diminishes him.  Small. I notice that Beck never talks about his broadcast colleagues.  Levin could take a lesson.

So, here’s the deal…

Politics Daily posted an overview of Beck’s “empire,” which “includes his syndicated radio show, drawing nine million listeners weekly and earning him $10 million a year; a website that has five million unique visitors a month, 1.5 million listeners to his podcasts and one million subscribers to his daily e-mail; his Fox TV show with 2.7 million daily listeners; five consecutive books that made the New York Times best-seller list; and an array of stage shows that have drawn 250,000 people since 2004 and earned him $2.4 million. Forbes says Beck has earned $23 million since June 2008.”

~~ from Kathy Schaidle’s column Talk Radio Watch at World Net Daily

By Radiopatriot

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