BIG GOVERNMENT: “The States Will Be the Next Battlefield in the Fight Over ObamaCare”


This weekend the U.S. Senate is moving forward to pass the Health Care Reform legislation, taking us one step further into tyranny.  I came across an article this evening that I think important for you to read.  Though this email is intended for Floridians,  friends and family in other states can benefit as well.  Please pass this on to them as you see fit.

First, please take note of these names:

Florida State Representatives :

Brad Drake, House District 5
Clay Ford, House District 3
Alan Hays, House District 25

They are the ONLY representatives who have signed on to a letter, with over 100 lawmakers from 45 states, opposing ObamaCare.

Here’s the story you need to know.  It appears at Big, the Andrew Breitbart website for which I frequently write.  I’ve excerpted parts of this article, titled THE STATES WILL BE THE NEXT BATTLEFIELD IN THE FIGHT OVER OBAMA CARE. You can read the entire piece by clicking the link at the beginning of this paragraph.


Right now the battle over government-run health care is centered in Washington D.C. Numerous protests have been held at the Capital, including the massive 9.12 Project march, where hundreds of thousands traveled from all over the country to protest excessive spending, bailouts, and big government proposals for reforming healthcare.

Another ten thousand showed up in November for a “House Call” protest, arranged on very short notice, specifically targeting healthcare legislation pushed by Democrats.

These same activists are also burning up the phones before every major vote. Despite the unprecedented strength of this small government uprising, we must face the very real possibility that, while these protests will no doubt keep participants motivated leading up to the next election, they may not be enough to stop passage of ObamaCare. Depending on the outcome of today’s fight, tomorrow’s could very well be at the state level, and eventually in the courts.

[ …snip… ]

In order to insure that happens, activists should fight not just in Washington D.C., but also in the legislatures of their home states. Don’t just call Nancy Pelosi — who doesn’t care — or some moderate Senator who can be bought off by a few hundred million dollars in pork, but also call your state representative and tell him or her that you want an amendment to protect the rights of citizens to decide what, if any, insurance they want to purchase.

Many lawmakers across the U.S. are already sticking out their necks by standing up against a federal takeover of the healthcare industry. Legislators from 15 states held a press conference on Dec. 4th to unveil a letter, signed by over 100 lawmakers from 45 states, opposing ObamaCare. We must now put pressure on their colleagues to join them. If elected officials in Washington D.C. cannot be counted on to fulfill their duty to pass only those laws within their constitutional authority, then we have no choice but to look elsewhere to recapture our rights.

Do you think it’s time to call our state reps and tell them we want them ALL to sign on to this?   I do.  You can find the telephone number for your particular state House representative here:

State Senate here:

The 10th Amendment  tells us that the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

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By Radiopatriot

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