Bob McCarty has published a piece at Big Government that every red blooded American should read.

It ties in with a letter from a military mother, posted at Atlas Shrugs.

And do be sure to link over to read what Greyhawk has at Mudville Gazette. He’s got video of Rep Dan Burton (R-In) asking Admiral Mullen a somewhat off-topic question during the House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing on Afghanistan Strategy last Wednesday. And that’s not the end of it.

The AP reports “Lawmakers are seeking a reprieve for three Navy SEALs facing court-martial because one allegedly punched a suspect after arresting him for an ambush killing of U.S. contractors in Iraq.”

The full text of the letter from Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif) to Secretary Gates,and  video of Rep Burton’s question and Mullen’s response.

To get you started, here’s Bob’s post – excerpted.  Follow the link to read the entire, sad and infuriating piece.

Following that, an excerpt from Beverly Perlson with a Band of Mothers.

Bob McCarty:

EDITOR’S NOTE: President Barack Obama outlined his new strategy for waging his surge-and-retreat style of war in Afghanistan Tuesday night.  Because that strategy will involve the expedited deployment of 30,000 more troops under the cloud of an announced timetable for withdrawal, I’m eager to offer the important guest post below.  Written by a friend, it’s especially timely in light of the news that broke one week ago about three Navy SEALs facing assault charges for doing their job in Iraq. For fear of reprisal, the author has insisted on anonymity.

Court-martial over a bloody lip?

The recent news regarding the U.S. Navy SEALs who are facing trial by court-martial raises many questions about the current mental state of America’s military, its civilian leadership and the thoughts and feelings of the American people in general.

Evidently, right and wrong have traded places on today’s moral compass.  What kind of military or government sends its finest, most well-trained warriors to capture a heinous terrorist, only to bring those special operators up on charges for “mistreating” the despicable enemy mastermind of the murder, disfigurement and desecration of the four Blackwater contractors in March 2004?

Is giving an enemy terrorist a fat lip as bad as shooting and killing four American contractors on a food delivery run?  Is a bloody lip equal to dragging dead American bodies through the streets of Fallujah and hanging them from a bridge?  Are a few bruises, normally associated with apprehending a non-compliant enemy combatant, as bad as lighting dead American bodies on fire and chanting while videotaping for the world to see?

As a recently retired Navy SEAL with combat experience in Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other countries the Middle East, I am appalled and disgusted with the current trend of many Americans blaming our service members for doing their jobs.

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From Atlas Shrugs:

UPDATE: I have anonymous confirmation on this. What SEAL can go on record? Can anyone add? Atlas reader Chris wrote:

Several days ago I listened to a long exchange on Rush Limbaugh with a retired military intelligence officer about the 3 seals case. This guy lived in North Carolina in a community with other military intelligence compatriots. He stated that the case of the 3 seals was being pushed relentlessly by the White House. He said that it was pay back for the action taken by the SEALS to kill the pirates that held hostage the skipper of a ship, which was a world-wide event. Obama had set the rules of engagement in such a manner that they almost precluded killing the pirates. A shot could be taken only if the death of the skipper appeared imminent.

The seals were on site for 38 hours and had several chances to take out the pirates, but were held back. Finally, the on-site commander determined that the skipper was threatened and ordered the shot. The White House was furious. Obama claimed that he ordered the shot to gain public support, but this was clearly not the case. So, now it is pay back time for the seals.This is disgusting, too unreal to believe. The brave Navy SEALs begging for justice. I think I am going to be sick. Here is the backstory posted on Atlas: Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist.

Please read the following email I received from a great lady:

I proudly accompanied Michael Behenna’s mother, Vicki Behenna, to meetings on December 2nd and 3rd with Congress and Senate officers in DC. We are profoundly grateful to Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Inhofe for meeting with us and special thanks to Senator Coburn and his office for making these arrangements.  Thank you to Senator Lieberman’s office for meeting with us.

We are deeply grateful and appreciative to Congressman Steve King for his time and offer to help as well as Congressman Cole and Congressman Joe Wilson. Thank you to the congressional offices of Congressman Boren and Congressman Kline for meeting with us. Special Special thanks to Rebeccah Heinrichs of Trent Franks office for arranging a briefing for us with many officers of Congress.  Congressional offices represented include House Minority Leader John Boehner, Duncan Hunter, Roy Blunt and Senator Coburn.

If I missed any, please forgive me.  All offered to send letters to the Clemency Board in support of Michael and some feel hearings are in order!   I am forever grateful to all of these elected officials for their concern for Michael and their offers of support to Michael’s mother, Vicki Behenna.

The motto of The Band of Mothers is “Warriors Come From Warriors” and Vicki Behenna is a Warrior!  To watch this mother fight for her son’s life was humbling and inspiring. As her son is a Hero, so too is she.

The following is a story posted on Big Government regarding the Navy Seals, Haditha Marines, and Michael Behenna!  GREAT NEWS that Big Government has exposed the travesty of justice regarding our Heroes.  Special thanks to Kaite O’Malley for all she has done to get Michael’s story out in the main stream media.  God Bless You Katie!

Here  is the link and my post in the comment section.  Folks, Please leave a comment:

A big heartfelt “Thank You” to Mike Flynn and Bob McCarty for posting this despicable story of the abuse our Soldiers/Seals are suffering as they try to do the job we have asked them to do!! In the case of lst Lt Michael Behenna, who is serving 20 years at Leavenworth for DEFENDING himself against a known terrorist, Ali Mansur, not all the evidence was presented at his trial. The prosecution had a world renown forensic expert, Dr. MacDonnel, as their witness. However, when the doctor heard Michael’s testimony at trial as to what happened, he told the prosecutors Michael was telling the truth based on his examination of the forensic evidence, and that Michael did indeed DEFEND himself against this “KNOWN” terrorist, Ali Mansur, he did not commit pre-mediated murder. What is horrendous is that the prosecution sent Dr. MacDonnell home that day and would not call him as a witness.

This is so terribly wrong as the doctor’s testimony would have exonerated Michael  and today he would be at home with his family instead of sitting in Leavenworth, where he has just begun his eighth month of incarceration!  Further, at trial, the judge gave instruction to the jury before deliberations that since Michael had his gun drawn on the “KNOWN” terrorist Ali Mansur, that could be seen as provoking the attack by Mansur!

As the mother of a Son who served 4 deployments with the 82nd Airborne, that instruction to the jury has frightening implications for our military Heroes.  In other words, if holding a gun on a terrorist in this war means you are provoking an attack by the terrorists, it looks like the Army will fill Leavenworth to the brim with military Heroes who, according to the judge in Michael’s trial, do not have the inherent right to defend themselves from terrorists!  Ali Mansur was a known Al Qaeda member.  He had already planted an IED on a roadside and Michael and his men had had been instructed by intelligence to take another route!  Further, Michael had lost two of his men weeks before due to the actions of Ali Mansur and  this Al Qaeda cell!!!

What has happened to lst Lt Michael  Behenna is an outrage!   We are affording rights to terrorists and denying our brave men and women the right to defend themselves.  Michael Behenna’s mother and myself spent the last two days in DC meeting with Congress and Senate officers and they have expressed to us their concern in this matter also.  I’d like to especially thank Congressman Steve King, who not only offered to  write a letter to the clemency board, but who also will request Michael be released to his family while clemency hearing/appeals take place.  Obviously, the Army does not feel Michael is a threat as Mike was given a presidential detail in the interim before he was formally charged!

Michael Behenna is a Hero who killed a terrorist!  If he was serving during World War II, he would have come home to a ticker tape parade and medals for killing the enemy.  Now, in this politically correct war we are fighting, the Army has turned their back on this Hero and sentenced him to 20 years in prison!   God help our military and shame on the Army!

Please write the Secretary of the Army and ask him to afford Michael the inherent right to defend himself against a known terrorist, and let this brave young man go home to his family.

The Honorable John McHugh
Secretary of the United States Army
1400 Defense Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20301-1400

Thank You.

With A Mother’s Heart,

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers