Finally, someone did it.  And showed the viewing audience how easy it is to get under the arrogant one’s thin skin.  Bill O’Reilly, the ultimate Obama suck up gets a smack down.  ‘Bout time…  And for this, Laura Ingraham gets a gold star.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Just so you understand that Ingraham and O’Reilly are very good friends and were just pulling each other’s legs.

    BO gave Laura Ingraham her start with FOX by allowing her to guest host ‘The Factor.’

    1. Could be the bloom is off the rose? Or her contract is due to expire and she’s lettin’ it all hang out? Either way, calling out O’Pinhead for his arrogance is long overdue, and particularly welcome in some quarters.

  2. I’not sure this is the same thing.But, my Grandmother
    was i Gold Star Mother. She had 6 out of 7 boys in the different services all over the world. We went from the aleuksan islands to guaracanal.
    My oldest Uncle [Hap], was aparatrooper who was on the pilotless {I JUST THINK

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