California dreamin’ …on such a winter’s day

Cape Canaveral Beach looking north toward the launch pads

Here on Florida’s Space Coast we are experiencing record low temperatures. Today the thermometer hit 57, and the air was still, perfect for beach walking. Later on tonight the wind will whoosh in from the northwest and sweep across the peninsula, bringing with it more cold record breakers. Last night the local TV weather forecaster predicted “frozen precipitation”! Laughing out loud at that one, as this New England gal knows it as “snow”. Which is pretty amazing, considering the words “snow” and “Central Florida” are mutually exclusive… except for tomorrow.  Maybe.

Looking south toward Cocoa Beach

This is the way the beach looked a couple of hours ago.  While I was out there collecting seashells,  I met a couple who were surf fishing, he in bare feet.  Brrrr.  Not catching much, they said, as we chatted casually. They’re from Manchester, New Hampshire and have been spending their winters here on the Space Coast for the last 12 years. She said tomorrow’s predicted weather would prevent them from their daily fishing expedition, and instead would be a good day for cooking. I asked “Beef stew”? She laughed and said, “You must be from New England”.   Ayup…

The Cocoa Beach Pier

The smell of burning wood permeates the air today. Many of these seaside homes have fireplaces, a nice feature to ward off the damp winter chill here on the beach. I’ve burned through half a dozen logs just this week.  They don’t give off much heat, but it’s a cozy feeling (yep, that’s my computer in the foreground) when enjoyed with a cup of hot peach tea.

Overhead, NASA’s jets screamed high in the cloud deck as the astronauts practiced touch and go’s on the shuttle landing strip nearby. Later, the military helicopters that guard our coast flew back home to Patrick AFB, practice over for the boys. NASA’s next shuttle launch is set for Feb. 7th.

January on the Space Coast

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