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Citizen Wells published this yesterday.

The Rev. James David Manning has taken some hits for daring to say what he believes to be the truth about Obama’s secretive background.

Whatever your opinion of the man, he is asking questions that Americans deserve to have answered of The One who occupies our Oval Office.

Watch Manning’s latest video and see what you think.

The Saudi connection.

Why Obama bowed so low to the Saudi King?

Why Obama attended Jeremiah Wright’s TUCC church.

Why Louis Farrakhan attended TUCC church.

Why Wright and Farrakhan traveled to Libya and met with Moammar Kadafi (Ghadafi).

Why Obama did not take Federal matching funds.

How Obama stole the Democrat primaries and caucuses.

How Obama was able to utilize so many Internet and other resources to steal the 2008 election.

Why Obama traveled to Pakistan in1981.

Why nobody remembers Obama being a student at Columbia.

Why Khalid al-Mansour and the Saudis paid for Obama’s Harvard education.

Why Syrian born Tony Rezko made contact with Obama while at Harvard.

Why Obama wanted Gitmo closed and Muslim terrorists given US Constitutional Rights.

Why the Saudis paid for Obama’ grandmother, Sarah Obama to fly to Mecca.

Why the Fox network will not touch Obama’s eligibility issues.

Obama is a Muslim.

And the biggest why of all….

Why Obama has employed a legion of private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Why? ‘Transparency’ issues, that’s ‘Why’.

    Would he be hired by any corporation in America without divulging these things? I’ve worked for a few companies and they sure wanted PROOF of my background, education, grades, citizenship, personal and professional references, etc.

    Hussein has been a political tool almost all of his life. To me, that does not make him a recommended candidate, let alone a capable person, for any job requiring ability, experience, or character.

    1. I listened to the video and was terrified, especially when my who computer shut down in the middle of it like I was being attacked!!!

      Which will probably come next, they will be able to search our computers – I feel like I am in Nazi Germany!!

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