Yo, Algore… Lissen up

A message to all you Algore Global Climate Warming freaks from my local weatherman here on the Space Coast:

There is a chance the winter of 2010 will not stop at record cold and frequent freezes along the Gulf Coast and the possibility of snow for the Sunshine State this weekend.

There now appear to be two opportunities for snow in the central and northern counties of the peninsula this weekend. That’s right, peninsula, and not panhandle.

A storm which will be mostly rain Saturday could become mixed with or change over to wet snow later in the day or during the evening in Central Florida. A second shot at snow could come Sunday as cold air pours across the peninsula in an unstable fashion. The result could be snow showers, the winter equivalent of the more usual Florida showers or thunderstorms.

Snow events even in the Florida Panhandle are rare; however, the white stuff is almost unheard of farther south. There are only a handful of incidents with snow in the “Sun shine State.”  During the winter of 1899, there were gulf-effect snow showers over the peninsula. On Jan. 19, 1977, flurries flew on Miami Beach, as well as many other areas of the state. A bit of snow fell more recently at Daytona Beach on Jan. 24, 2003.

Will this weekend yield snow in Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne, Jacksonville and Cape Canaveral? This weekend offers the best chance of snow in years, if not decades, for these locations. And the way this winter is going, it may not be the last opportunity. It’s a good thing the Daytona 500 is over a month away.

You hearin’ this Al Gore?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. It is 37 degrees here in Ruskin. Like a lot of people in this area, my house doesn’t have heat. It isn’t just cold, it is flippin cold! I would tell Al Gore to kiss my a$$ but I am frozen solid and can’t bend over.

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